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21 Jun 2017, 12:05
Hi All.

I'm Didi and I"m new to the forum. Greetings

I have read through a couple of posts etc. and although I'm not following the 5:2 specifically it's quite interesting to read about all the posts.

I started intermittent fasting 3 weeks ago (in my 3rd week currently) and have nothing but praise for my success so far.
There is one thing that confuses me a bit and has my head spinning....

I have noticed that when sticking to my "diet" with full force without even setting a foot weight stays the same. This continues for days. But the moment I stray from my "diet" just a little bit....the kg's falls off.

I fast everyday for no less than 20hours. Allowing myself that four hour gap for eating. Although I have to admit that I basically keep it to one a meal a day (dinner). I still keep the calories low though.
I allow myself one "cheating" day (usually on a Saturday) where I will have a couple glasses of wine or eat something out of the ordinary.
Now I have noticed that I will loose a couple of grams during my fasting days or even just stay on the same weight. But oddly enough....after my Saturday cheat....I will hop on the scale on a Sunday morning. Dreading the worst. And would have lost nothing less than 1.5kgs.

Can anyone please advice on how this is happening and what the scientific "reason" is for this occurrence?

(Have lost 7.4kgs in my first two weeks) :grin: :lol:
Re: Introduction
21 Jun 2017, 15:23
I can't help you with any explanation regarding weight loss and why it can be so erratic, @DidiToit, - we will have to wait for someone with a more scientific brain than mine to come along! However, although the weight is coming off very quickly at the moment, please don't expect this rate to continue. The average is usually half to one pound a week so eventually your weight loss will slow down and maybe even stop!

You need to be mentally prepared for this to happen and, because you are already cutting back on food quite drastically, you don't have much room to make changes to enable the weight loss to continue. In the meantime, enjoy your success and keep your eye on your ultimate target weight! Good luck! :clover: :clover:
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