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Just a hello!
12 Jul 2017, 21:00
Hi there ! I am new here and new to 5: 2 intermittent fasting but I am encouraged after ready so much great info on this site . I am a Canadian mom of 4 kids all still at home in different stages of post secondary education . Life is busy! I have been diagnosed hypothyroid for about 8 years but I think I was hypo long before that . I have quit a bit of weight to loose and am feeling hopeful after reading that other people with Thyroid disease have lost following 5:2 . My last doctors appointment my doctor mention surgery but that is not something that I even want to consider . Besides my hypo I am healthy . I have followed low carb in the past with some success so I am planning on keeping my carbs below 100 on my eating days . My first fast day went well besides a headache and I am hoping that the next goes as good . Looking forward to getting to know you guys . :smile:
Re: Just a hello!
12 Jul 2017, 23:19
Hi and welcome @Irenie!

I'm hypothyroid as well. I had radioactive ablation from hyper/Graves disease and my thyroid is in its death throes. :-P

I"m down 70 pounds so far, the first 40 were strictly 5:2, then the last 30 were a combo of weight watchers and 5:2. but now I've gone reduced carb after my new endocrinologist said I should. He suggested 60g carbs per day! My last one had said anywhere between 100 and 150 was fine, and to aim for 125. So I'm giving it a shot with aiming for low carb light days and having my splurgy carb days at 125. 60 is a bit low, imho, although I know that's not as low as a real keto diet.

My endocrinologist also loves intermittent fasting and said "go for it!!" and he also recommended the site.

It's taken me a long time to lose the weight and I've changed an awful lot of bad habits to far healthier ones. I feel much healthier than I've ever felt before and that's something, even though I have 40 to 50 pounds left to go. :-)

Good luck!
Re: Just a hello!
13 Jul 2017, 04:26
Welcome @Irenie!

Good to hear your first fast went well, and that you have done a lot of reading around this website - lots of useful info. Drinking more may help prevent headaches - I like to drink a glass of warm water, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon juice, first thing each day and half an hour before meals - or throughout the day, on fast days.

Tracie's experience and advice will be a great help for you, given you are dealing with the same condition. And you having done low carb before will also assist. Hopefully adding in a couple of fast days a week will start to make a difference. Do remember that this "diet" may only result in a pound a week loss on average, but over time I can assure you that mounts up!

Good luck and best wishes. :clover: :smile:
Re: Just a hello!
13 Jul 2017, 16:23
Welcome, @irenie!

I would also recommend for headaches: your usual amount of caffeine (just with as little milk as possible, and no sugar) and a salty broth.

Good luck! :clover: :clover: :clover:
Re: Just a hello!
13 Jul 2017, 16:44
Thanks for the warm welcome .. !
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