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just started
09 Jul 2017, 08:47
its sunday and my first day on this diet am having a normal day today tmmorow i will have a fast day .my problem is what to eat so any ideas would be great i just had bran flakes and cup of tea that starts me of then plan my day out
Re: just started
09 Jul 2017, 22:11
Welcome @lynnjenny

Lots of ideas for fast days if you read through the LEARN pages, and also look at the recipes.

Most people save all their cals for dinner, and opt for a high protein, some fat and (lots of) veggies meal, and get through the day with unsweetened drinks, maybe a salty drink too. And drink lots of water - I find warm water is easier to drink quickly, maybe with a bit of lemon juice.

Some people split the cals into 2 or 3 small meals. Look at the recently revived thread about what people have for lunch on a fast day.

Keep us posted on your progress, and tell us a bit more about yourself, your issues, and what you are wanting to achieve.

Best wishes and good luck. :smile: :clover:
Re: just started
10 Jul 2017, 12:31
Welcome @Lynnjenny!

Sassy1 gave you great advice.

On a fast day, I wake up and have my coffee (double espresso with about 1 teaspoon cream). Repeat. Then move on to black tea, nothing added, or maybe herbal. I try to wait as long as possible until eating something -- usually that's lunchtime-ish. Sometimes it's as early as 10 or as late as 4. I aim for no carbs because those just really make me hungrier. I might have a hard boiled egg, or a small piece of cheese. A cup of salty chicken broth really helps too in the afternoon.

Dinner is often a big salad and a piece of protein, or protein and roasted veggies (not root veggies).
Re: just started
11 Jul 2017, 10:05
When I first started I would have some sort of egg thing for breakfast, then try not to eat lunch and then have a high protein dinner. Eventually though I also started just waiting until dinner. Now I don't really have fast days anymore. I follow 16:8, which basically means I eat between 12 and 8 every day.

Good luck!
Re: just started
11 Jul 2017, 13:36
Hi @Lynnjenny. I hope the very first fast went well.
I used to just eat two cans of Pea & Ham Soup every fast day (for convenience - no thinking, planning or extended cooking required). I used to have one can for lunch and one for dinner.
I never eat breakfast on a fast day as once I eat, I set the ball in motion and I feel hungry all day so I prolong breaking my fast longer into the day. Nowadays, I just don't eat until dinner time. It's quite achievable and allows for a bigger meal (like a reward) at the end of the day. Nowadays I will have some fish (oven cooked with wholegrain crumb) and a stir fry.
Sometimes I really think I can go right through until the next day without eating at all but then ... I always fold and have my 600 cals at dinner (male portion).
Good luck with it all.
Let us know how you are travelling.
Re: just started
11 Jul 2017, 14:49
Welcome, @lynnjenny!

I started out only having breakfast (a soft-boiled egg) and dinner on fast days, but then started having some protein and maybe vegetables at lunch. In the afternoon, I often have miso soup. Protein for me is usually chicken or cottage cheese. Dinner was often chicken and vegetable stir fry; it's easy to switch up the vegetables for variety. Other dinners include the Mexican pizza from the fast diet book (basically, a small tortilla with salsa, vegetables, and basil, and a bit of mozzarella on top, toasted until the cheese melts), sashimi (did I mention I used to live in Japan), or an omelet with lots of vegetables. If I had any spare calories and was hungry, I often had berries.

I struggled mightily for the first couple of weeks, then it got a lot easier. I won't say I never have a bad day now, but usually I just drink water, or more coffee, and I'm fine. Staying busy helps, too.

Good luck! :clover: :clover: :clover:
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