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Need help getting started
19 Nov 2016, 20:55
Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and I need a bit of help getting started with this diet. I will tell you a little about myself first. I am quite tall 5'7 and weight a little over 61kg (9.6st). Although I am not overweight I have a huge problem with binge eating( sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crips basically anything bad for you) and it's getting out of control. I need to bring some control to what I eat and lose bit more weight so I can tone up. I thought I'd try a diet like the 5:2 which means I can enjoy food but in moderation.

I really want to start seeing some definition by christmas/ new year and would love some advice, encouragement or guidance. I am more than happy to do the same as well!!!!!
Re: Need help getting started
20 Nov 2016, 19:59
I'd have a good look around this site and then surf the Internet .

I wouidnt hold my breath awaiting a reply from this forum tbh .

There are many far busier sites to join and get advice from .

Good luck !!
Re: Need help getting started
20 Nov 2016, 22:36
Welcome @Sophiex

I actually would agree with Zincubus that there may be other sites that would be more useful for you.

Intermittent fasting/ 5:2 may not be the best strategy for dealing with binge eating. On the one hand, almost any new "diet" can be motivating to stop bad eating habits in the short term, but whether it is successful longer term depends on many factors. On the other hand, it is possible that a day of eating very low calorie (fast day), could in fact increase your risk of bingeing on a non fast day, when you are "allowed" to eat whatever.

From my own experience with bingeing, 5:2 has not been the solution. I used 5:2 very successfully to lose weight and do use fasting as an antidote to overeating, but it is certainly not healthy to binge then fast then binge then fast...

There are sites that can help you get more insight into why you binge and what strategies might work for you to stop such an eating pattern. The reasons can be emotional or physiological.

With regard to toning up, I recommend appropriate exercise. Based on your stats, it seems that you could be quite slim (I am 3" shorter than you and about the same weight I think, though I no longer weight myself, and am considered slim). Exercise - cycling and swimming in particular - have really helped increase my muscle definition and general body tone.

Best wishes.
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