New here and any tips please
15 Nov 2017, 14:07
Hello! I am new here after just starting the 5:2 today. I have always been very active and sporty and around 9.5 to no more than 10 stone. I found out in March I have a degenerative condition in my spine which has left me in a lot of pain and not being able to move as much as I did before. So, yes moving less has resulted in me putting the weight to now 10 stones 12!!! I have decied with the 5:2 as I like the idea of starving and then not restricting. I am using a calorie counter to monitor what I am having so today I have had lots of water, two cups of coffee with soya milk and an apple. Currently at work very hungry so just having a beef stock cube drink and its definitely taking the edge off! Yippe! So far I am finding today fairly easy.

I am wanting to shit 1.5 stone minimum and I am very dedicated when I have something to work too and it also helps if i have an app to follow and a programme. S

Now then out of interest how long did it take you to lose 1.5 stone o 2 stone doing the 5:2?

And As I do enjoy a few glasses of wine at a weekend did anyone on their feast days substitute a glass ( or 4) of wine for something else?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated! I have decided I am also not going to have the normal calorie intake on my feast days and have 1300 a day. :grin:

Thank you!!