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Newbie here
24 Feb 2017, 09:55
Hello all, I am new to 5:2 IF I only started 2 weeks ago.....I wish I had started years ago, I love it and really think this is going to be a new way of life for me.

I have lost 4.5lbs in 2 weeks which is mega for me. I have under active thyroid and weight loss is normally slow for me. In the past when I have done SW and WW I have only managed to lose half a lb a week and it was a struggle.

I am finding the fast days quite easy which surprised me because I am normally a grazer. I am having a green juice for breakfast that I make with a green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, a half a banana, a couple of blueberries and a bit of fresh ginger and a squirt of lemon juice...I add a bit of water so that it's not too thick. I have the same at lunchtime, and drink lots of water, lemon & ginger tea, and peppermint tea to get me through the day. I am then having either chicken or fish with a bit of veg for tea. (Yesterday my calorie total was 460)

I have always ate quite healthy but since doing the 5:2 I have more energy where as before I was always tired and very low energy. I also feel more alert and the only negative thing for me is that on fast days I don't sleep very well, where as I normally sleep like a baby for 9 hours per night.
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Re: Newbie here
24 Feb 2017, 13:54
Welcome to this site! I'm sure you're going to find it as useful and motivating here as I did when I joined a couple of weeks ago.
Just like you, I wish I've discovered this years ago, hey, but better late than never, right!!?
I've started out with 5:2, then after the first four weeks I've switched to EOD (Every Other Day) fasting, and it's working like a charm for me! I steadily lose an average of 2lbs a week and I'm ecstatic about it!
Re: Newbie here
24 Feb 2017, 15:51
Welcome! Congratulations on your very successful first two weeks! the weight loss will start to slow down now, that's to be expected. Don't be put off by it :-)

I find that if I eat my calories later in the day, it helps with poor sleep. I often save 100 or 150 calories for a protein snack before bed, which also really helps. Maybe a bit of cheese or yogurt, a hardboiled egg or lean turkey or chicken would help you?
Re: Newbie here
25 Feb 2017, 10:46
I echo what @Tracieknits and @Zesty said... Its an awesome site for support and that feeling that you're not doing it all by yourself :grin:
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