Newbie IF 16/8
04 Sep 2018, 07:31

I found this forum after quite a lot of internet searching and am grateful that I have.

I am into my third week of 16/8 and I'm finding it really easy, I have never liked breakfast. My weight loss hasn't been in huge amounts, just 2 kilos but it's going down and that's good.

My starting weight was 125kg and I'm 5ft 4 so rather a lot of weight for me to carry.

I have found that my energy levels have increased dramatically, I dont feel tired during the day (I get up at 5am and then nap at 7.30am till 11 or 12 and have an afternoon nap too), I feel lighter and my skin looks clearer (comments from work collegues). I no longer have sugar and I no longer crave chocolate, although I had 4 of my daughters yorkie buttons yesterday and they tasted good. I sometimes fast longer than 16 hours because I'm not hungry when my eating window starts, yesterday I only had one meal and the buttons of course.

I understand this is a life style and not a diet, I had been researching IF for a while before I started but was kind of pushed into it from a visit to the doctors and my risk of getting diabetes had increased.

Hope you all have a good day and I hope to share and read post with some of you soon.