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Recently started 19-5 Fasting
11 Aug 2018, 21:07
HI, thank you for adding me. I have found the website, success stories, and forum very inspiring and helpful.

I did 5:2 for a few months a few years ago with success, and have not usually eaten breakfast since. I have often been low-carb. I did a home-made version of the 5 day Prolon fasting-mimicking diet in February 2018, which gave me much better appetite control, and reading the forum posts here, realised I could manage 5:2 with just one evening meal, and from that, have been trialling 19-5 giving me the opportunity to enjoy my food once a day and eat with the family at supper. I use myfitness pal to track my weight daily, and my food sometimes.

I do hope that the small amount of milk I have in one morning coffee and one lunch time cup of tea do not affect the fasting process too much. Currently 69 kg, 1.6 m, BMI 26.9. I'm aiming to lose 6 kg to reach normal BMI.
Welcome ashling66!

The small amount of milk or cream added to coffee (tea) can be ignored.

From your description, it seems you have the process well in hand. Time windows do work. A recent study indicated that for a given, fixed-calorie intake that just finishing dinner before 3pm can result in weight loss due to better alignment with circadian rhythms. That doesn't make it practical given family expectations of course, but interesting that the effect of such a simple change is measurable.
Ashling66 good morning and nice to see someone else being successful with this way of life. I have found that an 'eating window' is something we all do even if we don't realise it. Let's face it no one eats nonstop 24 hours a day every day so of course times between meals or snacks is your 'window' the trick is to keep expanding your 'window' rather than your waist and this is the perfect solution. I have achieved and maintained my target weight for 5 years now and this year I felt I would like to lose a bit more so I just cut back on extras ( boxes of chocolates, bag fulls of doughnuts, buckets of crisps, you know the sort of little extras I mean :grin: ) and within a few months another stone was gone. I have never felt deprived of food because I've never gone without food, just eaten sensibly and healthily for about 80% of the time and never, well almost never :confused: busted my window.

Good luck and ADFnFuel is a wonderful source of factual and interesting information on this way of life by the way.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

Looks like I've forgotten how to 'tag' grrrrrr
Hallo, another fan of IF windows here, and old friend of this forum.
I’ve not maintained like Ballerina and have tried variations and other possibilities but heading back to 16-8 always feels like coming home.
Currently I break my fast with kefir, coffee and cream. What are your preferences?
@ashling66 How are you getting on with your 'window'?
Hi, just returning to window Fast 5 after a week of holiday, when did have tiny lunches. Before that, was not eating until about 5 pm, having a snack, and then supper about 7 pm. Really liking the feeling of control during the day, but still able to enjoy food in the evening.
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