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Return to Fasting
26 Jun 2017, 17:35
I was here many years ago! I successfully lost 25lbs, though I never got to my goal weight. I gave up and gained all the weight back over a few years. So here I am again!
I've been reading a lot on and saw a lot on intermittent fasting. I'm trying again, but this time I'm going to try to really not eat anything on my fast days, not even the 500 calories. I'm also going to try to be low carb on my eating days. I need to kick my candy habit!
Thanks for all your support. Day 1 fasting today, haven't fasted in a year or two. So far just coffee and a cup of broth.
Re: Return to Fasting
26 Jun 2017, 18:06
Hi NYC! I'm in CT! Welcome back. Many of us have a similar story. Good luck with your new plan, although I know it'd be super hard for me not to eat at all on a fast day. But if it works for you, great!!
Re: Return to Fasting
27 Jun 2017, 16:21
Welcome and best of luck!!

My endocrinologist just recommended that site to me yesterday.

Don't feel like a wimp or failure if you can't do zero calories today. Even the site says just do 24 hours without eating. So a 500 calorie dinner is perfectly reasonable.

But many people on this forum have done it the way you do it -- the full day with nearly nothing -- and found great success.

I'm upstate, btw, in Saratoga :-)
Re: Return to Fasting
29 Jun 2017, 06:50
It might be even easier not to eat anything because eating starts the digestion system and also hunger. I have a FD today and try to be active. Light excersise is good and helps to keep hunger and tiredness away.
Re: Return to Fasting
29 Jun 2017, 09:05
Hi @nycnyc2013, welcome back! How did your fast day go?
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