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So, after a few strange years and recently hitting my Highest Weight of All Time (said in booming echoey film voice), I've decided to come back to 5:2 fasting. I was so relieved to still find this community alive and still kicking (butt) three years on. I rarely posted but visited every day, and this became as much about feeling included as it did about losing weight. Moogie and co - you've outdone yourselves. This site is great and am stunned at how much it's grown. Thank you!

Reading my stats was interesting! I'm now almost two stone heavier than my last recorded weigh in in August 2013. I'm tiny in frame, so even a relatively small gain like that makes a huge difference. My friends (die-hard Slimming Worlders) are all much heavier than me so I often find talking about weight difficult because in their mind I'm 'lucky'. I feel rotten in myself though, nothing fits my small but bloated frame and I long to feel that 'lightness' that 5:2 gave me. So here I am, hoping you'll forgive me for straying and welcome me back!

It's difficult to pinpoint one particular thing that threw me off the wagon. I've suffered with endometriosis since I was 13 and finally got diagnosed in 2013 after thirteen years of pain, exhaustion and confusion. At this stage I was at my lowest weight thanks to 5:2 and felt like I was in a good place. What followed was a couple of years of prodding, upset and generally being pulled in all directions before I put my foot down and requested to be taken off everything back in September 2016. So what's left is a body that's not been meddled with hormonally for the first time in nearly fifteen years. Getting to know myself again has been interesting! Weight just doesn't come on or off in the same way any more, and my head is getting used to the new (natural!) fluctuations in hormones. I left my IT job around the same time last year and became a carer for my grandmother. Learned a lot about my family in this time and faced some skeletons that even I didn't know were lurking in my cupboard! Apologies for baring all - this feels like a new start and it's important to me that I do it honestly and candidly.

I'm genuinely excited to get to know you all again, and all the new members too. I really hope you've all found something that works for you and makes you happy.

Good luck!

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Welcome back @redzep66!

You sound like you have a good plan for restarting the 5:2 way of life. We all have ups and downs, but we know that it works. I started 5:2 in April 2013. Stuck to it, with some "maintenance time". Last part of last year I eased off a bit as I decided to change my working life and it was a bit hectic for a while. Got back into it in January and am keen to keep on track and healthy. 5:2 helps me with portion sizes on non-fast days - but I will still overdo it!!

I find that carbs are my downfall - I really keep away from bread now, and don't keep sweet or dry biscuits in the house. A bit of cereal - mostly oat based muesli or porridge but a small serve.

The forum is quieter these days but it is motivating to read it everyday. I look forward to your posts,

Good luck!!
Aww thanks for the message of encouragement! I started 5:2 almost exactly the same time as you back in April 2013!

Good point on the carbs, I know I eat far too many potatoes. Hadn't thought about that. It's so easy to just throw together some roasties or chips on non-fast days, I need to break that habit.

Made a gorgeous mushroom and pork stroganoff for my fast meal last night. Good portion only 350 calories tops! Tasted good cold for breakfast too. Mmmm.

Good luck, speak soon!
Welcome back! We are happy to have you! Many of us have lost and gained weight over the years, so no need to be embarrassed, especially since you were dealing with a medical issue! All we can do is pick ourselves up and try again!! And each time, hope we get it better and can make it stick!

As Merry said, it is much quieter here, so please join in, whenever you can!

Good luck!
Oh wow! welcome back!! It certainly sounds like you've had a wild ride the past couple of years but I'm glad things are calming down. What a wonderful thing you're doing for your grandmother - and no doubt it's good for you as well.

And I have to agree about the carbs. When I can rein those in, the weight loss works so much better
Thank you guys. It's so lovely to be part of this place again! How are you finding the journey so far?
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