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10 Feb was the start of my Easter Challenge. I stopped eating chocolate and followed the Every Other Day fast. Well I haven't looked back...

10 Feb - 11:13
2 April - 11:00

My Easter goal is 10:13. I have gone up to 11:1 for my weigh in today but I really think I might actually reach my goal this time! I'm just looking forward to eating chocolate again :smile:

Well done's certainly going in the right direction on the whole!

Bean :smile:
Well you can see from my signature weights that I am back taking the scenic route!
08/03/14 13 stone 4 lbs
05/04/14 12 stone 13 lbs 8 oz

So a loss of 4 lbs 8 oz in April but at least I got below 13 stone!
My waist measurement has not changed despite all my cycling. :frown:
Hi forum people :smile: Hope you are all well.
Well I can tell you that I have now been doing 5:2 for three weeks & although, like I have said before, I don't get weighed very often, I reckon I have lost about 6lbs :cool: .... but more importantly, to me anyway, there is difference for sure in my clothes. I have trousers that definitely have more room in them & I also have a pair of wellington boots which I use to take the dog for country walks, & they have more room around the calf, which I can tell you, is very welcome :wink:

So .... all in all ... a very pleasing start :heart: I'm very happy with the results thus far. I don't always expect to get such fab results. I am sure this amount of loss is because I'm just begining but that's absolutely fine by me :smile:
I am more than happy to plod along. Even when I did slimming world, I was always a plodder & the weight only ever came off slowly. I also absolutely love the easiness of this WOE & the fabulous side effects such as decrease in appetite on the non-fast days :like:

Michael Moseley ... I salute you :cool: and thankyou so much for discovering 5:2 for us all to enjoy :heart:
Great start @AQuarius :grin: :grin: Slow and steady wins the race and it sounds like you are doing really well!
8th March weigh in 11stone 2.25(70.87 kg)

12th April weigh in 10 stone 10.75 (68.37 kg)
Thankyou Callyanna :smile:

And btw, you look fab in your avatar picture .... looks like 5:2 has been very successful for you :cool: .... Well done :like:

And I hope everyone else has had a successful month too :clover:
I plateaued through February at 135 lbs, and have lost 2 lbs in March - 133 lbs today.
I was briefly down 3 lbs to a previously unseen low of 132 lbs, but went up again.
My waist measurement remained steady at 29 ins, but my body fat % has fluctuated so wildly that I don't think it is worth mentioning as part of a forum tracker.
Hi, this is my first post. So not sure what I am doing!
I need some help.
I lost 10lbs with 5:2 last year but unfortunately after a knee op I put it all on again. I am following the exactly the same method but have only managed to lose 4lbs since January; what do you think I am doing wrong? Juliette
Last weigh in Feb 13 - weight 86.5 kg. April 11 weigh in 84.2kg. (2.3kg loss in 2 months)
Feb waist. 92cm. April waist 89.5cm (2.5 cm loss in 2 months)
This is quite slow but I am happy because this loss has meant I am off my plateau; I've reached my fastiversary, reached a 20 kg loss and the numbers are heading in the right direction! My waist is 1&1/2cm of what my doc wants it to be ( she has a general rule of 88cm for women but my goal is 85 cm which is 50% of my height which carorees recommends which makes more sense to me as it takes into account our different sizes)
Xxx julianna
March 3rd start of 5.2 - 10st 12lbs
April 11th 6 wks of 5:2 - 10st 4.2lbs
Not sure if I have ever posted my monthly weigh-in stats but here goes what I have for 2014:

Jan 5 - 73.1 kg / 160.9 lb / 11st 6.9lb

Feb 2 - 72.8 kg / 160.1 lb / 11st 6.1lb

Mar 2 - 71.9 kg / 158.2 lb / 11st 4.2lb

Apr 6 - 70.9 kg / 156 lb / 11st 2lb

I am happy to report I am under 11 stone as of this week, but will hopefully report that next month.
Starting weight: 3rd April - 132 lbs
Current weight : 126 lbs
Target weight : 112 lbs

Following 5:2 plan.
well done @snoozeygirl - you're doing great!

:like: :like: :like: :like:
Starting weight 18th March: 65.90 kg
Monthly update weight on 1st April: 63.40 kg
Current weight 14th April: 63.20 kg

I weigh myself daily, keeping track of my weight with the Libra app and here on site with the Progress Tracker.

Usually following 5:2, although I did a 4:3 last week.
Interim goal weight: 60 kg
Final goal weight: 56.9 kg
February 10th 11st 11.4 waist 362 %Fat 33.2

March 10th 11st 10 waist 35.5" %fat 32.9

April 14th 11st 8.6 waist 35" %fat 32.3

I have had a little gain of both weight and % fat this week after a bit of a heavy weekend but in general things are still slowly moving in the right direction :smile: . However Easter is looming :shock:
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