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April weigh in - get posting!
10 Apr 2014, 15:59
OK, so better late than never, here is the April weigh-in thread.

Please post your progress here. Due to the long gap since the last weigh in, can you make include a note about the length of time you are reporting (i.e., is it 4 weeks, or since the start of Feb or the start of March or some other date). It might get a bit confusing otherwise.

Hopefully I will be more organised next month! Though I'm not sure we've really decided the best date for future weigh-ins, so if you have thoughts on the matter, please do say as you post your progress!

The weigh in will be open until Tuesday.

Next weigh in will be :?:
Just lost my post! :bugeyes: I'll keep it short and sweet this time instead of my epic rambling :oops: Since March 7th I have lost 0.8lb! I am actually quite happy with this as March has almost endless birthdays! The last 4 weeks I have managed to stay exactly the same :shock: My waist hasn't moved either but that's not a surprise with all the cake/baking/eating out. I do want to lose a bit more (trying to get waist to less than 50% of height) but there's no rush :wink:
Well done @Chickvic you've done incredibly well!

Bean :like: :like:

By the way...are you a female vicar?
Been maintaining since March, supposedly at 10 7 (147lbs) but actually have gone down to 10 4. Probably not relevant to your weigh in stats, but thought I'd post anyway.
Should have waited :doh: managed to lose 1.8lb this week :confused: so my total for March is 2.6lb!

@nursebean no I'm not a vicar - I keep chickens and my name is Vicki :wink:
March weigh in 63.1kg waist 81cm
April weigh in 61.5kg waist 76cm
weigh in day is the first Sat of the month
susbut65 reporting in.....what with personal tracker,Easter challenge I probably forget the monthly? weigh in :confused: But having seen this thread HERE I AM :oops: Jan 66.5K Feb 65.0K Mar 63.1K Apr 62.7K. All taken on 1st of each month. BUT TODAY I WEIGH 61.7K and am now a UK size 8/10 depending on garment/shape/cut/fabric.... :victory: Well done to all the losers or should that be achievers :lol: and good luck to everyone :clover: Time to navigate my way to the maintainers tent :like:
Here you go, the nearest weigh in figures to the 1st of April and 1st March

Friday 4th Apr 2014 60.78kg 9st 8lbs
(134lbs) -- -- 24.66 -- No notes

Tuesday 4th Mar 2014 62.14kg 9st 11lbs
(137lbs) -- -- 25.21 -- No notes

Hi, mine are as follows

Beg of March 9st 8lbs
Beg of April 9st 8lbs

Feb 11th: 71.1 kgs
Mar 11th: 72.3 kgs
Apr 11th: 70.6 kgs Woohoo! ( 11st 2lbs/156lbs)
Going the right way at last :0)
7th Feb: 73.6kg
7th March: 71.4kg - So Feb Weight loss: 2.2kg
7th April: 69.5kg - And Mar Weight loss: 1.9kg
Maintaining for the last 2 or 3 months and varying between 118lbs and 120lbs. Currently this week at 119lbs.
28th Feb - 16st 1
27th Mar - 15st 9

so 6 lb down in March (hope I've done that right!)
I am a bit stuck at 56k ish!

I am 56.3k today, 11th April, and was 55.6k on March the 7th....not a lot is going on apart from cycling between these two weights.

I have now moved to maintaining as that's what my body appears to be doing.
I'd really like to be 54k, but we shall see...... :victory:
Can't remember what was posted last so here goes
And as I've been suffering from fasting fatigue,
doing the f/days enjoying them but getting nowhere.

February 11th = 96*2kgs
March 7th = 96*8kgs
Low Carb Trial blaster resulting in my
Friday April 11th weigh-in = 96*2kgs!!!
waist measurement April 11th = 110cm

Many thanks @carorees Without your advice I wouldn't have achieved this plateau buster,
onto the next 50lb phase.
:clover: :clover: :clover: :clover:
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