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1st March was 100.92 kg
4th April was 96.75 kg loss over the month 4.17 kg
1st March was 111.8 cm
4th April was 106.7 cm loss over the month 5.1 cm
For the month of March I lost 3lbs. Unfortunately I've gained some of that back in April, but still counts for March! :)
Have been having a little break from full on fasting doing 6:1 and the odd 5-8 hour window eating days. Have been maintaining at 75.5 to 76.

Back on the wagon now to aim for another crack at my earlier goal
Hi im just starting the 5.2 plan :victory:
My fast days are going to be mon n wed
So hi to everyone :smile:
hi @louise123 Good luck with the diet. The fasting is hard to start with but it gets easier after a week or so :)
Thank you to all who posted. I am not quite sure who to award the biggest loser prize to because people reported their losses over different time periods - entirely my fault because I forgot to run the weigh in. But the following members reported notable losses: @nursebean (5.9kg since Feb), @Brand-ie (4.2kg), @Mo_jo14 (3.5 kg) @AQuariuS and @Madcatlady and @snoozygirl (2.73 kg each). :star:

26 people entered the weigh in, with an average loss of 1.79kg and an average of 3cm off our waists. :like:

I will try really hard to remember to run the next weigh in on the weekend of 31st May/1st June, which is in 6 weeks time and should put us back on track for future months. Please someone nudge me if I forget!!
Remembered to do Easter challenge this morning before we set off for our weekend away :oops: (have lost 5lbs in the ten weeks 64k down to 61.5k- didnt imagine I would even manage that as me and diets don't go) :razz: BUT when I first embarked on my 5:2 journey in Oct 2013 (on my own inspired by the fast diet book) I was a size 14-16 bottoms and 12-14 tops depending on shape/style and fabric of garment and I weighed 72K maybe more. :frown: This morning I weighed in at 61.5k and I am down to UK size 8 top and 10 trousers/jeans my work trousers are a UK 8 :victory: So not only am I more than happy with results to date but am now aiming to maintain.......I will still need to keep an eye on the scales and I know I will need to repair(fast) once or twice a month - especially as OH has already booked a weekend away for July/August and September and we have a week away in May AND with Granddaughter No3 due mid-late June I will be going to stay in Plymouth for a week end of June/beginning July :bugeyes: So watch this space-I may be visiting the ADF campers in the near future. PART TIME EMPLOYEE (23hrs/week Mon-Thurs) NAH Semi retired-life's one long holiday for me :wink:
Just started! 167.5
Thanks for doing this @Carorees helps keep us on our toes!
Bean :smile:
Well done you lovely losers! :like: :like: :like: xx
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