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PennyForthem wrote: during which I ate with alacrity

Love that phrase!
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I like that word alacrity @pennyforthem ..its like " protagonist" .... Good words that roll off the tongue!
Youre an absolute star the way you handle your regime ! :clover: :heart:
Oh @carorees ive just seen that you like the alacrity word too! X
June started at 9st 1lb, went as low as 8st 13lb and ended at 9st 3lb. 3lb over target. I also ate with alarming alacrity! Penny, you have such a way with words :grin:
Just returned from three weeks away. No fasting but with trying not to overgorge managed to lose 0.8Kg. It may have been more if I hadn't succumbed to gorgeous meringue with fruit and cream, more like a mini Pavlova. Back to normal fasting next week.
Entered June 126
Exited June 126.8
I'm within acceptable range. However, it's time to be a little more mindful and focused to control those pesky stress levels from work, that bite me in the bum :shock:
I haven't been to the forum in a while, it's been a busy summer. All the same I'm keeping up with everything just fine, feel great and am having no problems at all. Any fat on my back is pretty much gone, but there wasn't much there to start with as I tend to gain weight on my lower body. Bright side is my upper torso now looks pretty sexy :D

Yesterday I had a slight issue. I've been drinking green tea for around...what is it - 5-6 weeks? About that much I think. On an empty stomach it usually makes me feel sick, which I've heard is pretty common. Well, I'm not sure if it's the heat and humidity (I've never done well in hot weather), but I actually /was/ sick, lol. It's now taking me all my will power to drink the stuff again, and I don't like green tea too much to start with. But then it's my own fault for keeping on drinking the stuff without eating first...

Anyway, enough of the rambling. Since the heatwave earlier in the week (it hit 34 degrees up in Northern England) I've felt a little off and bloated. Despite yesterday not being a fast day, I decided to weigh in today for "June" (a little late but...meh).

Last weigh in: 12 st 7 ib
This weigh in: 12 st 0 ib

So that's 7 pounds lost this month, and just over 16 ibs since I started ADF on May 1st.
@Flic, why don't you just stop drinking green tea? It sounds as if you don't enjoy it and it certainly doesn't seem to be doing much good to you, so why persist? The purported benefits of green tea are not worth putting yourself through this and there are plenty of other options which you could try.
This WOL is not just a short-term fix, so it's important that you really enjoy everything that you eat and drink. Don't waste your time, energy and calories on things which you can't see yourself still enjoying ten years down the line!
Personally, I don't like any of the herbal or 'fruit' teas and would rather drink hot or cold water with lemon if there is no 'proper' tea available. I have been a black, breakfast tea, drinker for many years and consume six to eight large mugs a day - about 2 litres - but that's my drink of choice, not a penance!
I hope that you don't mind me being so forthright but when I read your post it just made me feel that I had to respond! Sorry! :frown:
A few years ago I drank a lot of green tea flavoured with jasmine - now I can't even bear the smell of it! I would put a tea bag into a pint glass and let the tea bag infuse for about 3 minutes and then drink it. It had a slightly bitter taste and I thought it was helping speed up my metabolism. I then read that you need to drink about 10 cups a day to have any effect so I stopped. I just drink plenty of plain water as I don't like tea or coffee of any kind.
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