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Time to report on your progress last month.

I was doing well all month until last weekend when I was away from home and not only ate breakfast for the first time in over a year (twice!!) but also had several meals out.

Started June at 64.3kg, ended at 65.2kg :shock:
Trend weight 64.7kg
Waist remains steady at 70cm though, so hoping it is just water weight.

How did everyone else get on?
Not a great month for me as I had several birthdays and celebrations plus a weekend away and a 10 day, half board holiday!

Start weight 222lbs
End weight 218lbs.

Feels like a wasted month weight wise but socially I had a fantastic month lol. I will be grateful that I'm at least still down with the gains I have had.
From my tracker here
June 3 : 52.3 kg
June 19 51.8 kg
Maintenance range is 50.7 - 52.7 kg.
Since June 19 we had visitors and today after a fast yesterday I weighed 52.5 kg. That is July weight already. And there will be an other fast day tomorrow. And many more visitors in the horizon... :grin:
Down then up, with the weather!
75.2kgs today, 76kgs on 1/6/15
Continuing to hope for the best :0)
Really pleased to report that 5:2 is working for me and I reached my Goal Weight of 125 lb last week after 9 weeks.
1 June 128.6 lbs
30 June 123.6 lbs = 5 lbs lost in June
I had a fantastic June as I finally busted through my plateau and have been steadily going down in weight! :)
This is all in spite of baseball games and weddings and not very strict fast days. Can't believe it!

Start weight June 1st: 156.6 lbs
End weight June 30th: 150.4
6.2 lbs (2.8kg) pounds overall
Start the 1st of June.....59.1
1st of July......56.7

So I -2.4 kilos in one month, not too bad ! ;) I'm hoping to loose the same amount in July, and so to be at 54.3 kilos the 1st of August. ( yes I m dreaming ;)).
I spent the month banging between too dang high and 1 pound more than too dang high ;-) Sigh. I mean I like that it's not going up. I like that it's down from New Year's. But I wish it was going down. I suppose I should fast more in that case!
Well, not too bad ...
According to my last weigh in last Friday I lost 2.6 kilos since I started using the tracker on 5th June...which I guess is quite a lot for three weeks... but we'll see if this is actually true this Friday...
I was lucky last weekend that while I ate a lot, hanging around with friends, I also went on a biggish hillwalk and a prett cold sail on a very wet Cat ... which I guess used up quite a lot of energy :grin:
Good work folks,specially @galexinda getting to goal..* high five!*
@jayegirl not a wasted month,youre still going downwards..imagine, you could have gained weight but you didnt! You shed it! X
I've lost seven anda half pounds since 5 june
I get weighed at wednesday evening Slimming World class..frustrating as my loss post today's fast wd be better tomorrow morning than tonight
BUT the mental image of climbing on that scale 630 every wednesday is helping me keep on best month for a long time! X
Forum Tracker :
1st June 10 st 11.2 % fat 29.1
29th June ( away next week) 10 st 10.6 % fat 28.7

Libra trend:
1st June 10 st 10.6
1st July 10 st 9.6

:snail: :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail:
Not one of my better months, started at goal 120 lbs and ended at top of maintenance range 122 lbs.

But super well done @CandiceMarie, @galexinda, @jayegirl, @soophie and everyone else who did not gain!
@barbarita as long as you keep within that two pound top end maintenance,youve got it sussed :like:
So much easy to deal with two lb rather than two kgs or ( gulp! ) two stone! X
I was a pound above top of maintainance. I'm blaming it on a night away with breakfast and dinner and the heat. Hope I'm right!
I've been just under maintenance at 9st 13lbs (139lbs) for most of June, then a weekend away, during which I ate with alacrity, saw me at 10st 1lb.
I was exactly 10st this morning, which is where I'd always like to stay.
But I've spent quite a few days re-educating my stomach not to expect breakfast, tapas, copious Indian food and mid morning chocolates! Think it's finally getting the message that it's business as normal now!
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