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We have now been collecting data on our progress tracker for over 12 months, with over 4000 people contributing, and have some interesting results that can give you an indication of how much weight you can expect to lose on 5:2.

Key points:
* The weekly loss is generally small...a little under 1lb per week (data from over 4000 users).
* Some people lose a lot of weight in the first week but then plateau so that after a month or so, such that the weight loss still works out at 1lb per week.
* Some people are lucky and have managed to lose more
* Some people are unlucky and have lost less
* People whose BMI is already in the healthy range are more likely to lose more slowly (around 0.5lb/week)
* People whose BMI is high are more likely to lose quickly (around 1.75-2lb per week)
* Men lose weight faster (1.1lb per week) than women (0.8 lb per week)

For people who choose to fast more often:
* The weekly loss doing 4:3 is only slightly more than with 5:2 at around 4oz more per week (228 users)
* The weekly loss doing ADF is a little bit higher at around 1.2 lb per week (51 users)

Here is a pretty graph showing the average weight lost per week of following the fast diet: (ignore the blip at week 10...for some reason we have very little data at this time point)
Yay stats! It may be slow and you may not always appear to lose weight week-to-week but it will work if you stick with it. :-)
Thank you again Caroline.
I love all these statistics you are producing.
I feel very encouraged.
Interesting to see our stats confirm what they found in the research that there wasn't a significant difference in weight loss between 4:3 and 5:2.
It's fab that we are doing our own research.
I think this is very helpful as it is noticeable from lots of posts that people want to lose more than that per week and are disappointed when they don't.

Plus as has been mentioned before, 1 lb is too small an amount lost (though lots of cals) to really be seen on a one or two week timescale. (My weight fluctuated by over 2 lbs this week, both up and down.)

This is definitely a longer-term way of eating, rather than a magic short-term weight-loss solution.
Bellalou wrote: Thank you again Caroline.
I love all these statistics you are producing.
I feel very encouraged.
Interesting to see our stats confirm what they found in the research that there wasn't a significant difference in weight loss between 4:3 and 5:2.
It's fab that we are doing our own research.

Yes, it looks like 4:3 and ADF are yielding diminishing returns, given the effort involved. I think 5:2 is demanding enough, and I wouldn't opt for the others unless I thought it would make a substantial difference. That doesn't seem to be the case, at least as far as weight loss is concerned. Maybe there are other benefits to more frequent fasting.
It's good to see these stats, and know that my weight loss is normal. I was also interested in the findings between the 4:3 and the 5:2 as I think many people might be tempted to switch to 4:3 if they have something special coming up, and think they can lose more weight.
I know I thought about it, but decided against it as I am irritable enough on the two days I fast, without adding another day to it.
Actually, I do ADF and the way to make it less arduous is to have slightly higher calorie intakes on fast days (6/700 cals). I find it pretty easy (other than being hungry) as it means I have no choice in which days I fast. The way I look at it is that I still have a calorie restriction over the week, just not quite divided the same way.

I'm on 1.1 lbs a week loss so far so very happy with this but it's not substantially faster than 5:2 and I wouldn't advocate it as a quicker way to lose. I wouldn't do it if I had to be uber-strict every fast day. :wink:
Hi Caroline, many thanks to you for the time you've invested to pull this data together - you obviously enjoy it! I certainly love the stats that you and Moogie do and feel like this is what gives this forum a cutting edge. It will be interesting to see how these stats develop over time. What has occurred to me is that I, like a lot of others, started this regime in January, following the publishing of MM's book. No doubt a lot of us were therefore shedding those extra 'Christmas pounds' during the first month which could contribute to bigger initial losses. (This might be complete rubbish, but just a thought?). Anyway, only time will tell. Thanks once again, Julie.
I think those of us who started earlier can also vouch for the higher initial losses :) it's quite normal on any diet to lose a bit more initially while the body adjusts and the fat/water % changes.

Great summary Caroline, makes me glad I built the tracker! Big thanks to you and Dominic for all your suggestions and encouragement which made the tracker what it is today.
Thanks to you both, Caroline and Moogie. Those stats are exactly the sort of information that interests me and that I can take hope from. It seems that every time I log on here someone else is worrying that they aren't losing any/enough weight and your stats reinforce the message that the 5:2 is a slow but sure method.
Many thanks Caroline & Moogie, the information on this site just gets better & better. This forum is definitely the place to come to if looking for information on 5:2. Just hope people are lucky enough to find it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you - this forum is absolutely wonderful - and where would we be without Caroline and Moogie - you are helping so very many people and this site is a lifeline for all of us who have come upon a turning point in our lives. Thank you, from the bottom of my :heart:
It's great to see some solid statistics from all the user's. I've had a huge loss one week and then gained some the next, but I still believe in it and this really helps. I know this is a long term thing and knowing that makes it easier in a sense.
carorees, this is a fantastic round-up of info! :heart: :heart: :heart: i am trying to go about this as realistically as possible -- hoping for 1 lb a week -- but realize it could be even less since my BMI is in the upper normal range. I'd like to lose about 15-20 lbs, which would put my BMI into the lower normal range (GOAL!). I'm very small boned, so this BMI works better for my body type. your stats are encouraging, but are an excellent reminder to BE REALISTIC. Again, thanks for sharing.
Good to know that 4:3 doesn't work out any greater over all as it is tempting to do. I did 3 fast days last week but weighing about 50% at least more than I should I have a lot to lose.
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