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Juliana.Rivers wrote: Has the "View my posts" disappeared on the right hand side bar? It was always the first thing i looked at.

I"m not sure it ever was in the most obvious spot with other menu items having looked there for it right after the change. It can be found clicking on red/orange box where your login name appears just above FAQ on the right side.
Hi @Moogie

The last few days I have found that the first time I preview or submit a post, I get a message that the server is not responding. I lose the post (though have learnt to have made a copy before I try to load the post). The second time I try to load, it loads okay. Any idea what might be going on?

H6ib@Sassy1, sorry I'm not sure what that might be, it hasn't been happening to me (will see what happens when I post this) and no one else has mentioned the problem. What sort of error is it, ie does it appear within the browser window or in some kind of popup? If there's any way you can screenshot it or copy & paste the error message that would be great (perhaps you can copy the text of your post into notepad or a similar app, so you don't lose that when you try to copy the error message).
(no error for me when I posted)
Hi @Moogie

Needless to say I am not getting the problem when I tried a test run, so could you please delete the test post from my blog. Thanks!

I am making a copy of my posts before I submit. If I get the problem again, I will take a screenshot.

Moogie wrote: That's so odd :( it does sound like your device isn't accepting the cookie for some reason. I'll see what else I can find out.
Do you have another browser or another device you can try?

Also, try using the 'delete all board cookies' link at the bottom of the forum (in the green bar), then close your browser, re open it and login again with the box to stay logged in ticked. This may help sort your cookie out.

Failing that I can try changing a setting to do with the cookies, but it will mean everyone gets logged out so I'd prefer to give fair warning before doing that!

@Merlin I had a problem staying logged in when the new site started and this is what worked for me
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