Re: Weight loss stalled?
28 May 2013, 04:49
well, i am back after a few weeks of being visited by in laws and friends, doing the visiting and a question about why there are so many birthdays in May...
Damage done from so little fasting when I was on a plateau already is that I gained back over 1kg, and waist size, about 1 cm. And now I am on some pain killers for a bad pain in the btm (literally) which means continued restricted exercise and three regular meals per diem. So the plateau looks set to remain.
Thanks however for the research above. I accept all that it says from experience. Its just that I seem to get to that point very quickly! To have lost 10% of my body weight in 6 months would have been beyond expectations for me, and would definitely have put me in a healthily low BMI range.

Do I start up again when the course of tablets have finished? Is there any point in doing any diet at all when my metabolism is so determined to hold onto the same 5kgs of fat that I have lost and regained continually over the last 15 years? Yes I could be more active. But even that effect seems to have a stalling effect!
Ho hum. Researching sugar and its effects...