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Not losing weight?

Help us to help you! Please give us as much information as you can about your situation in order for us to be able to help you as best we can. For example, it's helpful to know your BMI/weight, how much you want to lose, any medical conditions which might affect your weight and (if you've started fasting already) how you do your fasts in terms of splitting up your calories, what you eat etc. Thanks!
Remember, we're not here to judge, we're here to help.

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I started this way of living in ernest at the beginning of this year. I had a good attitude, was expecting realistic results and very determined.

At the same time I nearly cut all sugars out. I know that my carbs did and still do need a lot of work on, but as a sugar addict this alone was a huge thing for me.

I did really well till a few months ago when I hit a plateau. I expected a plateau, and so don't feel I was unduly phased by it, and knew there were things I could tweak and work on.

This is the best diet I've ever been on. It was working for me. I was exercising and really feeling the benefits, plus so happy that I could actually do this consistently.

...but then, I became a bit unwell, had to have medications increased (which make me hungry and tired) and I let my standards slip, let some sugar and rubbish foods back into my life (though nowhere as bad as before) and consequently put about 5/6 lbs back on.

I'm feeling quite low and run down in myself just now and I know I need to get back to where I was regarding diet and exercise and fasting. I know what I need to do.

My worry is that I won't be able to do it properly again now that I've allowed myself to slip. The novelty factor has gone, which I know is a big motivator for me. I'm disappointed in myself that I was onto such a good thing, and I've allowed it to slip.

Any advice on how to restart would be most welcome! Thanks in advance x
Hi Fern. It is really easy to slip into old behaviors, isn't it? Just remind yourself that you have done it successfully, AND you can and will do it again. It's hard sometimes when health issues rear their heads and take us off course. My suggestion would be..make sure you are staying hydrated,lots of water (I like lemon in mine) start maybe by writing everything down for a few days and spotting times and feelings. Then you have the ammunition to start making changes you want.

Basically, just start again, don't beat up on yourself and be patient with yourself, just as you would with one of your fast friends here. Good luck, looking forward to hearing about your success! Phyllis
Hi Fern

You were doing great before your ill-health derailed you a bit. Giving up added sugar and watching the carbs, and very calmly being prepared to wait out the plateau. I hear you about the novelty value. You can either tell yourself that you are very good at doing 5:2 (which you definitely are!) and you are going to prove it to yourself and everyone by sticking to your regime devotedly for one month, or 3 months and then evaluate what it has done for you.

Or, if you want novelty, do something different. 4:3 if you feel up to it, or an eating window every day instead of Fast and feed days. There is an eating window tent where you can find out about this. There is also a Starting Again tent where you will get warm welcome from others who stopped fasting for various reasons and are climbing back on the wagon.

Good luck and get well soon
Hang in there. Maybe you can start slowly. Fast one day a week, then 2. Cut out some sugars, exercise 3 days a week. Whatever works for you. Just put one foot in front of the other! :) Maybe try some new fast day recipes to get you motivated. Don't give up. 5 or 6 lbs. is not that bad, you can get back to where you were!!
The only advice I can give is from my own experience.
When I had an op in December I stopped having breakfast so went onto an I
Eating window pattern of fasting/eating. Cutting out sugary and carb laden breakfasts really helped me maintain. Now I don't have breakfast unless I'm skipping lunch ie B and B on holidays.
To me this is a softly softly fasting by stealth approach as once you've had a couple of teas or coffees. mid morning you can hold out till an early lunch, and it can be a more fulfilling one too.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and time. I've read over your replies several times, and will do so again. It was what I needed! The sound of reason...which has not been coming from my own head!

I think I'm catastrophising ( don't think that's a word, or at least my spell check doesn't ..but you know what I mean!!). I've just got my diary out...I only actually stopped fully following the plan 2 weeks ago...which means I've been following it very well for 24 out of 26 weeks, and I've still done a couple of fasts and a couple of exercise sessions in the last 2 weeks. Gosh, can't 2 weeks feel like a loooong time?...even writing now I can feel some will to live and motivation flowing in me again!...

Right, on Thursday, I've got a fasting blood test at lunchtime...I shall use that day to begin fasting again, and to restart by writing when I'm going to exercise and fast, and the self control from that will most likely give me the confidence to get fully stuck back in. Because I was enjoying it and finding it more than doable. And I know that when my fasting, eating and exercise is in's like the foundation of your life is right for everything else.

My health is back pretty stable now - it's actually 4 weeks since my medications were altered. And, I'm not going to worry about weight loss at the moment...I can now see it's the way of life and the stability that that gives you I need back most - the healthy routines...I can think more about tweaking things at a later date.

And I've got an unopened water filter sitting in my room - I shall set that up (after I don't know how long) with some fresh sliced lemon...I think it's all going to be ok!
Don't worry @Fern, it WILL be ok. I started last September and lost 11.6lbs,, xams arrived and from then until March I put it all back on. I had tried fasting a few times after xmas but just kept giving up. At the end of March I decided to give it one more try. I got back to posting on the forum and told myself I could do it. After 13 week back on this WOE I have lost the 11.6lbs again and I'm still on track. Best of all I love this WOL just as much as I did when I started the first time, at the beginning of the year I never thought I would be saying that. Good luck second time around and happy to hear your health is much better now. :)
Hi fern, so glad you feel ready now to get back on track!
what great replies you got here..we have a good bunch of peep ready to give one another a helping hand when we get discouraged! Which happens to most of us,sometimes..or even a lot! Happens to me too,but every day is a new day and a new opportunity to get it right.

Get back on that horse and ride! Nothing to lose but unwanted pounds! X :like:
Welcome @Fern You've don't it before and can do so again very easily with no problems or stress. :like:
Firstly cut yourself a little slack, you've got health issues that need addressing, and your 6lbs gain is really quite small when you look at the bigger picture, you've done really well, my advice is if fasting seems or feels hard right now would be to try one 6:1 making the one day a true 500 calories lowish carb day then build on that with the other days being 16:8 until you
feel OK to do 5:2.
The secret to a good fastday is keeping very busy and occupied, so if you're up to jumping straight into 5:2 that's great, keep on the forum asking for help when needed and just read few
"inspirational weightloss stories"
If it helps at all on a recent holiday for just one week my damage was a 9lb gain!!!
I've gathered myself together and done back2back and feeling so very good and full of motivation + hope :lol:
Were in a totally different place head wise with this WOL and we're a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for gather yourself some motivation by remembering how good the weightloss made you feel then build on that.
:clover: Good Luck and let us all know how things are
going for you. :clover: :clover:
Hello @Fern - just want you to know how impressed I am with your attitude and spirit. Despite the meds and your feelings, you are ready to grit your teeth and get back on with bravo you!

With that kind of attitude, you will go far! The rest of us will look forward to reading all about your triumphs...& will be on hand whenever you need us too....

Very best of luck!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
Hi Fern, I'm so pleased you have joined ............ is it a great journey and if we slip there is always someone to help and support, vice versa. Can't ask for anything more. Take care, catch you soon. Lizbean x
As much as we say we love this diet/WOE and go on about how sustainable it is, it seems like a few of us are hitting some kind of wall where we don't stick to it and struggle to get back to it. For me (and I'm guessing for others), this happened a lot later on this diet than others, so it's still a very good plan, and I have been able to get back to it and maintain most of my weight loss.

Why am I saying all of this? I guess to make the point that you're not alone. And also, that even with this amazing WOE that many of us have been so successful at, we still have to eat mindfully and keep an eye on things (weighing, measuring, not letting small weight gains lead to greater ones...).

Hang in there. I don't know why it happens, but we can get through this!
You can do it @Fern
and we'll come with you!
Firstly, I am quite overwhelmed by all your lovely and thoughtful's really touched me xxxx

It is a battle in the mind. I think for people who struggle with their weight, and especially those who comfort eat (i.e. me!) we are always going to need to keep our foot on the accelerator. Like a downward escalator - if you're not actively walking upwards, you will naturally travel downwards. Before this blip, I'd made the effort and was walking upwards, and because I felt in control, after a while it didn't seem to take much effort at all, and I was at peace and happy with it all. But after one too many knocks (which is how life goes sometimes) I'd travelled to the bottom of the escalator and my engine cut out!!

It always is hard to start an engine and get it going again...and the thought of doing so is not an attractive one. And in that place, at least for me, it 'looks' like you will from that point onwards always have to put this extra umph of effort in to keep moving - which is even less attractive!!

I honestly feel like your responses, and the genuine care which shone through them turned the key in my ignition...something I was fearing I would be incapable of!

It is Thursday today, and I'm fasting, and I feel the relief of my good health habits still being in my brain somewhere - I thought they'd been permanently erased! I know it's very early days, but I feel thanks to the help of you guys, that the back has been broken of my mental block over this WOL.

Edit to add: I weighed in this morning and a few of those extra pounds have come off - think they might have been partly due to hormones! Also, suspect I might of lost at least 1lb through stressing over all the above!!
When I came back to fasting after an enforced break (post surgery) I did a really heavy fasting week a 3:4 in a way and cut down on my feed days. Its not supported on the forums to extend your fasting beyond aternate day fasting, but this kicked me straight back into feeling good on fasting days, it helped me to feel in control again. The second week I went back to a 4:3 and have done that since.
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