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Help us to help you! Please give us as much information as you can about your situation in order for us to be able to help you as best we can. For example, it's helpful to know your BMI/weight, how much you want to lose, any medical conditions which might affect your weight and (if you've started fasting already) how you do your fasts in terms of splitting up your calories, what you eat etc. Thanks!
Remember, we're not here to judge, we're here to help.

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Maybe you will smile
29 Jul 2014, 05:37
I know it may be off topic for this, but I stumbled on this 5 year old post from someone called Janice, it made me laugh so much, maybe it will lift your spirits a bit:
Tell you what, try being a short, menopausal woman and you won’t have to ask why diet compliance is so tough. Our maintenance calorie levels are so low Attila the Hun wouldn’t have balls big enough to stick with it
Re: Maybe you will smile
29 Jul 2014, 16:52
Totally relate to that one RO,being a shrinking ( vertically) post menopausal woman! X
Re: Maybe you will smile
29 Jul 2014, 16:56
Yep, I get that one, and although I'm not short at 5' 4.5" I did manage to mislay an inch somewhere along the menopause route but then I found together with all it's mates, attached to my middle hey ho

Ballerina x :heart:
Re: Maybe you will smile
29 Jul 2014, 19:00
Janice was right, I can't figure out if my TDEE is shrinking because of my height rather than my BMI :cry:
Re: Maybe you will smile
29 Jul 2014, 19:32
I am working at getting my waist measurement the same as my height! And winning! I am way past menopause having had a surgical one in my mid forties, so cannot blame that!
Re: Maybe you will smile
30 Jul 2014, 00:33
I get really angry when diet books, etc., refer to the average TDEE for women being 2000 cals per day. Which average woman is this? I'm not that old and I'm not that short, but my TDEE is only about 3/4 of that! It's a completely useless thing to say. They (and this includes our hero MM) should state a range or even better immediately refer to a calculator (while pointing out that even this is only an estimate). Anything else is completely misleading.
Re: Maybe you will smile
30 Jul 2014, 02:54
Yes it did make me smile, thank you for posting it!
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