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I began 5:2ing exactly 2 years ago today, dropping a day to 6:1 in October 2012 and maintaining - and I have to say, I've never felt so good, or so much in control - of my weight, and of my life!

This is not all down to IF, since I began a regime of weight-bearing exercises three months ago, which are obviously benefitting me - but I felt pretty damned good before I started those!!

I've put my story on my blog (still a work in progress):

I haven't got round to mentioning this forum in my post, yet, but I will, since I regard it highly!
Congratulations breadandwine, you are a real inspiration to this WOL!
:clover: Well done @Breadandwine You've done a fantastic job and are truly an inspiration. :clover: Sue
You've been an inspiration to me since I first logged onto the forum. Many congratulations :like: :smile:
:victory: Breadandwine! :victory:
What an accomplishment! Two years is great!!!

I've turned the calendar a couple of months to see that I'm coming up on one year... time flies!
Congratulations! It's inspiring to read and know you've been at it for two years with such great results.
:victory: :victory: :victory:
Fantastic, I'm just a few months behind you so its looking quite sustainable from here, hope so. You have been such a constant source of inspiration, well done,

Ballerina x :heart:
Super post B and W. Very inspirational indeed.
What an inspiration you are BandW ..congrats :like: you should be telling the Fastiversary Tent also x :heart:
Wonderful breadandwine, you got me back into soda bread making, for which I thank you.
Rock on!
Two years and counting ... Well done B&W!
Thanks for your post B&W, it is so good to hear that this way of life really is sustainable and clearly has health benefits.
A brilliant achievement breadandwine & you continue to inspire us with your interesting posts & encouragement. :star: :star:
Thanks for all your kind words - it's this forum, and the 5:2 threads on Mumsnet, that have helped to keep me going! I love the community feel of this forum - and the non-judgemental support freely given by everyone. That's what keeps me coming back!

@AzureBlue, thanks for the feedback - soda bread is so tasty, not to mention economical!

I have a sort of NSV to report:

Late yesterday evening, I kind of thought I should have a celebration of sorts.

I'd have loved to have a drink or two with all the friends I've made on these threads - but since this wasn't possible, I drank (and ate) alone.

I wasn't really bothered about having anything, but I thought "I can't let this go without marking the 2 years in some way."

About midnight, I poured myself a slug of Benedictine over ice - which was very nice, but I really prefer wine or beer as a drink. So I poured myself a glass of my homemade red, which made me think I should have something to eat. There was some leftover Thai curry on the hob, which I finished off with the wine - no more than about 150ml altogether.

I know what you're thinking - where's the NSV in all this?

Well, I'll tell you.

Not so long ago I had such a supper maybe 5 times a week. At one stage I instituted a NES (No Evening Snacking) rule - then later on I relaxed this after I realised that, as a maintainer, if I had a supper, I could just not have any breakfast. Right up until recently; I just called it an early breakfast! [grin])

But the thing is that last night I more or less had to force myself to have something to eat and drink. It was OK, but I felt I was doing it out of 'duty', as it were!

So the NSV is that (I think), my appetite is such that it no longer requires a supper. Whereas, back along, I would have had the wine and curry with relish. How times change, eh? :smile:
Warmest congratulations Breadandwine on your successes, and thank you for all your activity, advice, tips and humour on this forum. I enjoy reading and learning from you! I am glad you marked 2 years, everyone needs to know what is truly possible. :heart:
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