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23rd March
Well, I was going to fast every third day, but I was hit with an unexpected mountain of work over the weekend, and have been stressed like hell ever since, and thought it'd be better if I postponed the fast. So I've just been eating normally (and without counting) between the 18th and today.

Weighed in this Morning and am sitting at 74.1Kgs which surprises me that it's hasn't returned to 75.

I'm fasting today, although I don't know how that'll go as I'm still stressed like hell. Sigh.
Hi Bracketcreeper, sorry to hear you're stressed. Just wondering, do you tend to pick at food when under pressure? Just looking at your posts you seem to be eating very little, in terms of volume, rather than calories, during your fast days. Is there anything you like, or could learn to like, which would add very little to your intake? I start my fast days the night before - I eat a normal breakfast and lunch, then only water with chopped up lemon lime and mint until I eat as low carb moderate fat high protein 400-500 calorie evening meal, plus lots more of the water mixture - I seem able to drink 3 litres without thinking about it throughout the day, and as others have mentioned a salty drink eg Marigold veg stock powder to which I add some turmeric. If I feel the need to snack I eat raw vegetables dipped in a mixture of salt pepper and chili flake - my current favourites are really good quality broccoli and green peppers. At around 6:30/7pm I return to normal eating and drinking. I am finding this so easy to I have mentioned in other posts I am not actually losing weight, having started from a BMI of 23, but I am really changing shape - 4" gone from my waist, and I think elsewhere, but I didn't measure before. I do hope your work load is now decreasing a bit, and good luck with everything
Hi @JLmid. I found your post very informative. You mention "until I eat as low carb moderate fat high protein 400-500 calorie evening meal".
Would you be able to give an example of the types of foods you include in this meal? I am interested in how to get a good mix of protein and good fats.

Hi @merrymelb,
I don't eat meat but I do eat fish, however my properly vegetarian husband hates the smell of fish cooking so I tend to eat a very small amount of grilled halloumi or a quorn fillet which I slice thinly when defrosted cooked in a stir fry with coconut or olive oil . Lots of various veggies plus herbs like fresh coriander parsley and maybe basil and garlic chillies and ginger, and the juice of a lime. My husband only just tolerates this kind of food so I do this just for myself exactly the way I want it which makes it even more enjoyable and I feel it's not a deprivation at all. Sometimes I add lots of curry spices like cumin coriander and cardomen seeds and turmeric. I think the fat is important to stop you breaking the food down too quickly and feeling hungry later. I don't tend to feel at all hungry until about 11 am the next day and I find it quite easy to last out to 6:30 or 7 when I go back to normal eating with a nice glass of red! Hope that helps.
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