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My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 08:36
It is now 7 weeks since the bicycle accident in which I fractured my collarbone, and 7 weeks until my 60th birthday and our trip overseas.

So I have decided to have a 7 week challenge where my main goal is to get as close as I can to my pre-accident fitness level. This is necessary in order for me to complete the partial trek around Mt Blanc that we are scheduled to undertake in mid September.

My secondary goal is to lose an inch or so of body fat, so that the beautiful dress I have bought to wear at my birthday dinner fits a little less snugly than it does at the moment. (Neither the shop assistants or my friend who took me shopping would allow me to buy the size larger, which I agree didn't look as good.)

So I am trying, yet again, to have a couple of (BSD) fast days a week - I really can't manage only 500cal anymore. But that is fine, as the amount of exercise I will be doing should mean a higher cal intake on fast days will be okay.

I will also be trying (yet again) to eat according to hunger on the non-fast days and minimizing the evening eating and the sugary snacks.

I will be gradually increasing the amount of exercise I do, from a minimum of 2 hours every day, up to a minimum of 3 hours every day plus 2-3 days a week of 5-6 hours (hilly) walking, including 2 consecutive days of long walks. This is the standard required in order to undertake the trek, so it will be quite an accelerated training schedule to reach that level again (I was at that level before the accident - at the moment I am finding 2 hours a day as much as I can comfortably manage. Frustrating.) Thank goodness I am not still in paid employment.

I started this regime on Thursday, and am on my second (BSD) fast day. So far neither day has been too tortuous - I have kept myself very active which helps a lot. On the first fast day I had a few "meals" through the day, which worked well (when I started 5:2 I used this strategy for many months), but today I have managed to get to late afternoon without eating and don't yet feel hungry. Unusual!

It has been a glorious winter's day here - blue sky and sun shining - which no doubt helped.

I am hoping that posting here will provide extra incentive to help me keep to my plan... :smile:
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 10:21
I wish you all the success in your efforts, Sassy. Over a year ago I fell and broke my collar bone. I comfort ate a lot and put on a lot of weight. This spring I have managed to lose all that weight. so if I can do it so can you, Sassy! Mt Blanc sounds great! :clover: :clover: :clover: :clover:
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 11:03
Good luck with your fitness regime, @Sassy1! You have a great deal more willpower than I have! My osteopath has told me that I must do more walking - even if i don't enjoy it - at least 150 minutes per week. I was feeling quite pleased with myself because I have walked for nearly half an hour every day since Tuesday and now you have put me to shame! :cry: Only joking - I admire your plans greatly and only wish that I could find some form of exercise that I actually enjoy. :frown: I'm 69 now so it is unlikely at my time of life but I live in hope!

:clover: Good luck with your schedule and keep reporting in here so that I can admire your achievements from afar. :victory:
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 12:36
Hi @Sassy1! It's good to see you! I hope you are recovering well. Good luck with your challenge. It seems like you have a lot of motivation to reach your goals!

@StowgateResident - I don't think it's too late to find an exercise you enjoy, if you really get out there and try a bunch. Do you have anyone you can walk or exercise with? I always think that helps. As you know, I love walking. But I like to find nice places to do it. When I was in Canada there was a great trail along the Ottawa River. I also like to listen to something when I, audiobook, or podcast. Or maybe you need a purpose. Is there some place you could walk TO? Then you might not feel so much like it's exercise. Anyway, just some thoughts.

Sorry to hijack your thread Sassy1! I'm looking forward to following your progress on your challenge!
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 14:53
An aggressive (and re-invigorating) plan! Distance? Trail or road? (Will you need shoulder pads ala Roller Derby???) :like:
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 21:46
Thanks everyone for your comments and support.

@Margotsylvia, I have been in awe of your determination to lose weight and how you have stuck to your plan. A fraction of your resolve would be wonderful. I also have done a lot of eating out of mainly boredom in the last seven weeks. As we all know, for most it is so easy to put on weight, and much harder to lose it.

@Cblasz, I always welcome discussion about exercise - or anything - so I don't consider my thread hijacked at all :razz:

@Stowgateresident, I find it hard to imagine not liking walking! I agree with cblasz' comments and suggestions. I live near lots of forest, and even walking around the block is pleasant. I can't remember if you have a dog (presumably not??) - but that is a good way to have a purpose for exercising. Walking with a friend is great - you can do all your catching up while being productive!! Incidental walking is very beneficial too - look for ways to walk a bit further in your everyday activities (eg park as far from the shops as you can manage). But with exercise, it helps enormously to find something you do enjoy - whether it be cycling, swimming, dancing, exercise class, tai chi, Pilates, etc etc.

@ADFnFuel, the trek is trail walking, though it is possible some of the track may allow vehicular traffic (I haven't checked). Each day we walk up up up then down down down - I think the biggest daily climb elevation is 2000m. We get transported from "mountain" base to mountain base, so we do go around the full circuit, but only walk the ups and downs. 12-20km for 6 consecutive days, about 6-7 hours of walking each day.

I managed the fast day yesterday by not eating until supper time! It was book club, and I knew I would find it hard to resist all the home made goodies. These were all savoury, so that was helpful.

I must admit I am looking forward to food today. I am hungry already, but will walk the dogs first.

Thanks again for your support, best wishes to all! :smile: :clover:
Re: My seven week challenge
14 Jul 2018, 23:03
If my experience is any indication, I'd suggest a fanny/hip pack for water and goodies then instead of a shoulder pack which will irritate that collar bone. An integrated water bottle at a ~45 degree angle to the waist line works best if there's any running at all, otherwise a bottle at each end works well.
Re: My seven week challenge
15 Jul 2018, 04:48
Thanks for the suggestion, ADFnFuel :smile: :smile: Certainly ideas to consider.

I have a distal fracture, so fortunately the shoulder straps of my backpack don't seem to put too much pressure on the fracture. I am practicing with a normal backpack, weighing about 4kg including contents, which seems okay - mind you, I have only walked for 2 hours so far... We are expected to carry 8kg, as we have to take layers and wet weather gear as well as food and water (2-3 litres). But my OH has bought a 12kg pack and is practising with that... Lovely man!

I did manage to defer brekkie until after walking the dogs this morning, and was going to try not to eat til lunchtime, but I was just too hungry! Ended up having quite a lot eat this morning - but I did feel I was responding to genuine hunger - and I am happy about the food choices I made. I wonder how the rest of the day will go - I am still feeling hungry....
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