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Progress Journal
27 May 2016, 19:11
New here - before I get too involved with the forums and features, I'm going to do a one month trial of fasting. Not new to the idea - I'm anti-starving one's body, but fasting is an awesome way of losing weight and letting your body enjoy what you put into it. I'm going to aim for about 700 calories on fasting days and 1900 calories on regular days (a bit less than what the tracker was prescribing, but I tend to overeat).

5/27 - Fasting
First day - I ate a lot yesterday so I'm not going to worry if I'm under 700 calories today.
Breakfast- cup of coffee with whole milk (Calories: 25)
Lunch - Mamma Chia Guava Mamma (calories: 120, sugar: 14g, fiber: 6g)
Dinner - ???
Re: Progress Journal
28 May 2016, 11:24
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your month trial, I'm sure you'll love this WOL as much as we all do. It really isn't starving, more waiting really. Most of us here would love to lose weight but that's only a small part of it. Fasting helps us to have more control over how we feel about food. It changes your eating habits. It helps us to stop overeating and gets rid of that horrid guilty feeling we have with diets. Yes, sometimes we still over eat, but for me at least, my body feels terrible if I do (the way it should feel if I put a load of junk into it), so I tend not to do it. The weight loss is slow but we can live with that if we have better eating habits. Good for you starting with 700cal fast, 500cal fast can seem unreasonable at first but by the end of the month you'll be doing them no problem. Most of us find eating only one meal (as late in the day as poss) is the best way to keep hunger at bay and drinking lots of water. Good luck :clover: :clover: :clover:
Re: Progress Journal
29 May 2016, 19:43
Yes, welcome @tati g and good luck with your endeavours!

You seem well switched on to what will work for you. We're all different, so I think it's a great idea to do what you feel is best. When you get the chance, please keep us posted on your progress. We're here to listen, support, cheer, commiserate & share....whenever you have a spare moment!

Best of luck...
Re: Progress Journal
12 Nov 2016, 16:08
Completely forgot about this site :oops: but found it again today. Still on and off the fasting train - hoping that if I journal or find challenges, I'll stick with.

A little update - with 5:2 (not done perfectly though) and getting a Fitbit One, I've lost about 25 lbs from August to October. Hurt my back, gained back a few pounds, broke some good habits I started, trying again.

Back is normal again - some fear of hurting it again - but I'm back into trying to reach my daily fitness goals. Work is over working me though so I've been tried and blah - I know the fitness will help with that just don't have the time / trying to catch up on rest when I do have free time.

I'm trying to solve the problem of not having a lot of free time / needing to eat some food - not turning to fast food though. I've been using fast food to self-soothe myself (a normal habit for me) instead of healthier options - sleeping, exercising, taking a hot bath, shopping (lol), whatever. Gotta break that.


Today's Goals -
Fasting day (500 calories)
--- 11 am: 171 calories

Calorie Burn (3000 calories)
--- 11 am: 1045 calories

Steps (10k)
--- 11 am: 694 steps

Re: Progress Journal
12 Nov 2016, 20:29
Welcome back @Tati G!

Congrats on your successes so far. You sound like you have a good awareness of what your issues are and how to address them. When you have a busy and stressful work life, it is more challenging to always eat the way you would prefer. I am sure I don't have to tell you that it can help to keep some nutricious snacks with you if you do get genuinely hungry and don't have time for a proper meal. A hard boiled egg, a few nuts, maybe some fruit, wrapped cheese, some salad items in a airtight container - you know what works best for you. A glass of warm water can help as well. And maybe when you do have some free time, you can prepare some meals and freeze them (soup is always good here). Again, apologies for telling you what you already know.

Do take care with your back.

I have never used a Fitbit, but I assume that is what is giving you the stats you list with your goals? Just curious, it seems a lot of cals burnt for 11am in the morning? I guess you have done more exercise than the steps indicate?

Good luck and best wishes. :clover: :smile:
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