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Ready to Rock IF
28 Sep 2016, 23:35
I'm 46yo. Been feeling mentally foggy lately so I went to the doctor, he ordered some blood tests, and it turns out I am starting menopause, my cholesterol is 243 (should be under 200) and my LDL (bad) cholesterol is 169 (should be under 129). So I have made a short term goal to lose 20lbs and fix my cholesterol situation, and I think intermittent fasting will work well for me. (I've done fasting & various cleanses before with success, so I know the territory, and the mental blocks shouldn't be an issue for me. I also know that calorie restrictive diets or diets where you have to track calories or macros very closely do not work for me.)

My plan is to fast 2-3 days per week, exercise 3 days per week, and do yoga 2 days per week.

:clock: Fasting until 8pm (24 hrs)
:pill: Supplements: Lysine+, Ashwaganda,
:drink: Drinks: Herbal teas + lemon water + water

So far (1:30pm) just slight headache. Could be caffeine withdrawal, could be my neighbor's mock orange tree going off! Not feeling hungry. Energy is fine.
Feeling positive & excited.

:plate: Food: 9-10pm Sweet potato curry soup with spinach, an apple, and 1/2 a GTs kombucha

:football: Exercise: 30min yoga
Re: Ready to Rock IF
29 Sep 2016, 08:00
Big welcome from me @lokahi - nice to have you here!

I'll write some more later - just wanted to say a quick "hi" before dashing out the door...

Have a good day!
Re: Ready to Rock IF
29 Sep 2016, 09:29
Thank you @Hazelnut20! Your results are inspiring... can't wait to see you crush your BMI goal.
Re: Ready to Rock IF
29 Sep 2016, 21:13
:clock: Fasted until 5pm (17 hrs)
:pill: Supplements: Lysine+, Ashwaganda, BioAstin, Probiotic
:drink: Drinks: Herbal teas + green tea + strawberry basil water + water

Headache is gone today. Not hungry. Energy is good.
I am liking how not eating during the day is making me drink plenty of tea & water! Usually I don't drink enough.
Feeling relaxed and positive.

:plate: Food: Green smoothie with protein powder, bowl of curry sweet potato soup, tuna salad over swiss chard, a piece of whole grain toast with 2T guacamole

:football: Exercise: 40min swim
Re: Ready to Rock IF
30 Sep 2016, 22:43
:clock: Fasting until 8pm (22 hrs)
:pill: Supplements: Lysine+, Ashwaganda, BioAstin
:drink: Drinks: Herbal teas + green tea + double cafe americano + water

I didn't think I would struggle per se, but even I am surprised how this WOE is so easy... I can easily see myself IFing for the rest of my life. My body really likes to fast. I feel noticeably more alert in the fasted state. My workouts have not been super intense, but I have no issues with energy. I feel very energetic.

I need to work on getting enough sleep. Last two nights I got 7 and 6 hours respectively... that's a bit low.

:plate: Food: Green smoothie with oatmeal + kale salad + piece of lasagne + wheatberry salad

:football: Exercise: 30min yoga
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