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:cry: God I am soon going to start eating my own foot... I am sooooooooooooooooooo hungry!
Din dins is going to be Two soft boiled eggs, 2 pieces of bread 125 cals per slice and veggies with olive oil
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Three things:

1) it does get easier. You get accustomed to feeling the hunger as no more than feeling warm/cold/tired -in other words, just an everyday sensation that blinks by almost without notice. Most of the time anyway :wink:

2) You will have fast days soon where you barely even get hungry during the day, honestly.

3) You would get a lot more food for your calories if you cut out the bread. It's not very filling for quite a lot of calories. On a hungry day, every calorie counts!
Yes they can be hard. Fill up on hot drinks eg oxo bouillon tea, fruit teas. These help me through the day nicely. And maybe exchange the bread for more veg, or sweet potato. I can't do white carbs on fast days they only fill me up for a while. You might be ok, but just a thought! Good luck.
I am with you humpty! Ready to eat a horse between two bread vans..
Looking forward to buttery scrambled eggs
Stay strong sister,we are nearly there..and we will feel amazing tomorrow!
Ps and it does get easier as Carie said x
Hi humpty, I feel your pain! I'm on my fifth fast today and it's been a bit of a tough one for no apparent reason! Hungry and feeling low. :cry:

As a newbie myself I've got no wise advice, but just to say Hi and hang on it there, it will be worth it. We've just got to make it through until tomorrow and maybe next time won't be so hard.... :oops:
It was my 3rd fast today too and I have been a lot more hungry than last week, the first two I found fairly easy. I do seem to remember it getting easier from the first time I did 5:2.
I totally agree with the above advice - lots of warm beverages make it go by more quickly! Hunger pangs only last 15 minutes or so, then you get a break for an hour or two - of course every day is different. Some fast days are harder than others.

If it's just getting too hard, you can modify your fast day without failing it completely. Try to eat as little as you can - focus on protein and veggies to get the most out of your calories. If you "overeat" and have 700 or 800 or even 1000 calories, remind yourself of the enormous calorie deficit you created in just one day -- in all honesty, a 1300 calorie deficit isn't that much worse than a 1500 calorie deficit. And it's not too hard to shave those last 200 calories off of a different day that week.

There are fast days (like 1 last week) where I decide - that's it, I am done! But rather than say forget it, I failed, and go eat a whole chocolate cake, I try to eat just what I really need to eat in order to not be miserable. Last week, I ended up having 1/2 of a tuna salad sandwich because dinner wasn't for two hours and I was just way too hungry. All in all, I went over my calorie allotment by 220 calories for the day. Not the end of the world, and I made up for it the next day by shaving off a few extra calories. It actually ended up being really easy, because the previous day's fasting helped my appetite naturally be lower that day.
Ditch the white carbs. For example today I thought I had gone over because I only had breaded chicken steaks in. So I did some french onion soup then followed it with the breaded chicken steaks (one for me) with a MASSIVE salad, probably 3 cupfuls of salad, and some pickled vegetables. It came to 469kcals. That with my milk allowance for my cups of tea pushed me just a tiny bit over 500kcals. Which is much more filling and satisfying than a boiled eggs and bread.
there is something about the third thing in a change of habit that is the difficult one. Third day, third fast, third week (just to warn you) but it passes and if you get over/through it you have abetter chance of success.
Hop you got through it and are ready to continue :)
Hope you made it through humpty. :smile:

Yesterday was my 3rd fast day too and I found it tough going as well. Last 2 fasts I made it until early evening before having a light meal. Yesterday I was in the nut bowl from early on and I was seriously fed up all day. I took myself off to bed early and then ended up laying there for hours because I couldn't sleep.

I'm so thankful the day has passed! I'm soon to have a nice mushroom omelette. I bet it will taste great (even with my cooking skills :grin: ).
I hope you got through it ok Humpty. Yesterday was my fifth fast and for some reason it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. I find eating shirataki (zero) noodles helps. They are virtually calorie free so you can eat loads. I have them with chicken/prawns/shredded omelette, stir fried with spring onions, garlic, chilli, ginger and a splash of soy/fish sauce. Normally I try to go through to the evening before I eat and shut the hunger monster up with mugs of green tea but yesterday but if you are desperate you can make a really low cal lunch with these noodles. Good luck :-)
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