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Hi all! Thanks for all the support so far :)
Pre 5:2: I exercised, active lifestyle, but big sweet tooth which often lead to bingeing which I've never gained control over. I'm 5 ft 8 with a healthy BMI but would like to be slimmer like I used to be pre over eating.

Started last Tuesday 7th Jan. That day I had severe headache, had two small meals and felt poorly going to bed. Fine the next day, felt refreshed.
That Friday 10th: survived much better with 1/2 Oxo cube in hot water for lunch, then a nice healthy 500 cal dinner :)
Had a treat-filled weekend... :S
Yesterday (Monday 13th): chicken oxo again, then nice dinner (slightly over cals I think, but better than nothing, right?!)
today I had a big celebratory dinner out, feeling guilty now and not as slim as this morning (which is pretty ridiculous probably!).

So I think I'm going to aim for Monday and Thursday fasts. Overall I've found I've been more alert, fitter, aware of portions/food in general and more in control :)
However I also worry about me treating myself!! It could either a) all end up as fat cos my body anticipates the fasts to come, or b) i'll still lose weight/not gain as I have always treated myself, before this WOL. What do you guys think?
I'm also feeling so worried about my meal tonight I'm wondering whether to fast tomorrow, but I will be doing 3 hours of dance, does that matter? It would fit better to do Thurs but I'm worried cos of big meal tonight.
I basically think I need to be told I can do this... :( haha x
Stop fretting and start trusting! You only have to do 2 fasts and not go crazy the other 5 days! I think if it were me I would eat tomorrow - 3 hours of exercise is a lot and you don't want to be weak at the knees! Work the 5:2 system for a few weeks before you start worrying about it not getting results - you're not going to be eating as much as before so I can't see that it won't work for you. You'll probably find the binge-urges go too - I'm certainly much better in that department. Keep the faith xx
Thank you so much, you're totally right. Story of my life: chill out and stop overthinking it ;] thanks again! I'm glad you've had positive outcomes too by the sounds of it! xx
I agree. Just concentrate on your 2 x500 calorie days for now and just eat how you normally do on the other days. It works!
:heart: Hi @Tinamacarina I do think you need to chill and relax and trust both yourself and this amazing WOL/WOE
It's still early days for you and you won't know what to expect until you've tried a few options. For me exercise (walking 6m) is no problem on fastdays in fact that's what I choose to keep me occupied on my fastdays I always walk never dizzy or ant other side effects at all.
Life is for living so do so and enjoy your family meal would you consider 4:3 when needed?
Or when I know I'm having "heavy" evening meal out I fast all day then eat + drink whatever I want to knowing I'll be within my TDEE which is still high but I use this 20:4 ish regular as I eat out a lot!! and do it aswell as 5:2. :clover:
My weeks are 4:3 generally but that's the joy of this WOL you just swap and change when needed. :heart:
Generally, as long as you weren't putting on a pound or more every week prior to 5:2, by keeping to your old eating style and having 2 fast days a week, you should lose 1lb a week. After a while you WILL need to reduce your feed day calories (it seems to happen fairly automatically) to account for the lower calorie needs of your slimmer, lower weight you, to continue losing weight.
Relax but don't expect dramatic results early, especially given your BMI, it seems to be slower at these levels. It was a month before I started losing. Keep going :clover: :clover: :clover:
We're all guilty of getting a bit stressed about, when do I fast, am I overeating of non fast days, can I exercise.
Three hours dance is a lot of energy use, in my experience exercise is ok on fast days, but I'd be cautious if I was you. Feeling wobbly is not how you want to feel.
Settle into 5.2 a little while longer, then reassess once your body adjusts to your new WOE.
Hi all, thought I'd give an update!
So as expected, even after 7 fast days (2 were over 500 though), the pounds aren't falling off... I have been eating quite a lot on normal days though, and still struggling with binging, 'one is never enough' when it comes to choc bars etc...
So my appetite hasn't really adjusted, in fact I feel v hungry on normal days! :(
I've been measuring, and think there's a little bit of difference (though it's hard to measure the same place each time on my bum/waist etc).
Do you think it's unlikely my appetite/binging will change if it hasn't already? Do I need to enforce a bit more will power rather than waiting for the fast days to make me behave better on normal days?
I'm having a fast day tomorrow: I'm performing a play at 10.30am, want to get up early and do some HIIT exercise to warm myself up/get the blood pumping, do you think this would be okay? May have an emergency cereal bar nearby before I go onstage.
Thanks for all the support so far, really appreciate you all helping me chill out a bit and relax into it! xxx
Let's see - you are not uniformly doing your diet days correctly and are eating too much on your non-diet days.

5:2 is eating 500 or less on diet days, and TDEE or below on non-diet days.

If you don't do 5:2, 5:2 won't work on any level. Over eating on any diet won't work. You have to decide what you want to do.

Good Luck!
Thanks simcoeluv. Simple but true. I think I need to try to work on my emotional eating rather than ignoring it. x
Good luck tomorrow Tina, I'll be fasting alongside you!

Have you tried just having one ready meal in the evening and drinking plenty of water during the day? That's what I do and I'm very much like you , I have a sweet tooth and get cravings. But that's why I like this fasting malarkey so much. If you stick it out for the day, you can eat what you like the next day. I'm currently fasting every other day which has really helped with my binge eating and comfort eating. Maybe it can help you too?

Good luck and don't get too'll get there!

Bean :wink:
Nursebean, thanks so much. So have you found you struggle with binging too? I may try the alternate day fasting (can't this week, couple of celebratory dinners planned lol! but starting Monday). Is it much harder than 5.2? I am fine on fast days, I somehow manage to stop myself eating junk/binging (perhaps as you said cos i know i can have it the next day). xxx
Oh yes, I'm just like you! I'll eat because I'm bored not hungry. What I found doing the 5:2 was I ate way too much from Friday through to the next fast on Monday. By fasting every other day I am much more in control and have been much less likely to binge. Come and join us in the ADF tent!

Bean :smile:
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