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JoJo's 5:2 fast diet journal
28 May 2013, 06:25
I found my first fast relatively pain free which really helped motivation. I wasn't hungry during the day, i think having a pizza the night before might have had something to do with that as it was still in my system.

By the 12 hour point however the hunger pangs were kicking in. Usually in this instance I'd go and binge on whatever i felt like to get rid of the evil feeling of hunger. This time though, i was determined to overcome my aversion to hunger and reading the fast diet book had helped as it reassured me that I wasn't going to die from a few stomach rumbles!!

I chose not to eat during my fast as i'm the sort of person who can't stop eating easily once I've started. This worked for me and after the hunger lessened I found myself being amazed at how well I could deal with not eating

Thank God for still being able to drink, staying hydrated helped loads and gave me something to consume!

It took me a little while to get to sleep, as i usually always sleep on a full stomach, but I was determined to go to sleep as soon as possible so that I could wake up and have some breakfast!

Overall, a successful first fast - i even did some exercise and didn't feel faint at all!
This morning i was pleased to see i was 2lbs lighter. My fat percentage had also dropped by 2% and my water weight had risen by the same, so this proved to me that my fast didn't result in me losing water.

I've just finished a yummy breakfast of granola with grapes, banana and almonds and can't wait to have a nice sandwich for lunch!

Roll on the next fast day.

Start weight- 11st 13
Current weight: 11st 11
Waist: 38 (around belly button)
Hips: 38
Thigh: 25
Upper arm: 12
Bust: 37 (bra on)
Hi JoJo, well done on your first fast! I find it a bit hard to get to sleep too when I'm fasting, but I get excited that I can eat whatever I feel like for breakfast!i appreciate toast more now :razz:
Well done JoJo and great to see a selection of measurements as well. Looking forward to seeing them reduce. Good luck for your next fasts and do let us know how it's going :clover:
Week 1 - mon 3rd June

Well I'm very sorry to anyone who might read this expecting inspiration that the 5:2 diet works, as after one week and my first weigh in...I have lost absolutely nothing!!!

I am disappointed, because I did my two fast days . I think if I had fasted yesterday it would show a loss, but I ate yesterday and I ate quite late and quite a lot in one go! I was so happy that I lost 2lbs after my first fast day and it stayed off for a couple of days, but then I stopped weighing myself for the rest of the week and low and behold, no weight loss come weigh in.

The only good news is that I appear to have lost 1 inch from my waist and 1 from my hips, but nothing from my thighs or arms, despite exercising 4 times this week!

I guess I will have to see what happens at my next weigh in!

starting weight: 11.13
Current weight: 11.13
Waist: 37 (around belly button)
Hips: 37
Thigh: 25 (although oddly my right thigh is one inch smaller lol)
Upper arm: 12
Bust: 37 (bra on)
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