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jodie's journey!
17 Jun 2013, 14:53
Hi, I'm new here!

I will have completed my first week of the 5-2 diet as of tomorrow!
I love it! I was initially only going to do the 5-2 then decided I would do 4-3 and now I'm doing ADF! I seem to find the fasting days quite easy!
I have always been an all or nothing kind of person so this diet just suits me perfectly!

CW: 100.9kg
GW1: 95kg
UGW: 69kg (give or take a few kg when I feel happy)

I'm also using myfitnesspal as a calorie and food diary!

I've always been up and down with my weight and have decided that its about time I took control!
Re: jodie's journey!
17 Jun 2013, 16:10
Welcome to the forum Jodie! You have a plan and that's the best step to take and well done on your first week of stats. Looking forward to reading more of your continued success and progress. :)
Re: jodie's journey!
17 Jun 2013, 16:15
thank you! just filled in my info for the progress tracker and seeing it as a whole amount for the past week rather than the little amounts i see coming off daily is very nice!
There is no way i would be able to stay away from the scales for a week though!
Im doing 1200 cals on my feast days and 500 for my fasts!
luckily im on nights at the moment so i find the fast days quite easy as im asleep most of the day and busy at work at night!
I need to stop using the term diet cause this way of eating is so much better than any diet as its actually achievable and straight forward! i love it!
Re: jodie's journey!
17 Jun 2013, 16:21
I weigh every morning and log it in an app called Libra (android phone) and it gives a nice trend line down or up (did something about that quickly!). I log my weight here once or twice a week as I enjoy seeing my bmi drop too. This truely is a WoE because even when goal is achieved I'll still fast once or twice a week for maintenance and hopefully health benefits. Enjoy your journey and this new WoE. :)
Re: jodie's journey!
19 Jun 2013, 12:37
Ooh! i may have to download that app!
currently on another fast day! not actually had anything to eat yet planning on having some soup when i start to feel hungry!! cannot wait to weigh myself tomorrow!
havnt really seen much movement in the past 2 days! (but i know thats completely normal - im just obsessed with weighing daily)

I am loving my pedometer as it tells me the cals and fat burned! fantastic motivation and great knowing the amount im burning just getting on with general day to day life!
I try and do some exercise but definitely dont stick to a specific schedule just yet!
Re: jodie's journey!
19 Jun 2013, 13:10
Good luck Jodie. You are going to love it. We have similar start and goal weights and I look forward to seeing your progress. I absolutely love this WOE and haven't needed to 'cheat'once because it gets easier and who wants to start fasting again tomorrow when you just have to get through today -plus you can eat whatever you want tomorrow?
Re: jodie's journey!
20 Jun 2013, 09:22
according to my scales i've lost about 3kg in 10 days!
can i trust them? lol!
i have been really strict doing ADF with my feed days of 1200 cals max!
i keep my scales in the same place not on carpet! i think i can trust them! lol!
i know when people have a lot to loose it can come off quite quick at first.

has anyone else had these kind of amazing losses in the first week or so?
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