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First day after first fast
18 Jun 2013, 13:28
So, very proud of myself and of John, we stuck religiously to the plan yesterday. Very naughtily , we I'd weigh ourselves this morning, and had both lost 3-4 lbs each - wow how unbelievable!

The only thing is - I have been ravenous today. I thought that after a fast you were meant to feel less tempted by things the next day. I have totally ruined all I did yesterday, and eaten loads, well I comparison to yesterday at least :

3/4 cups of tea (so far)
2 shredded wheats with milk
2 time out bars -aaaarrrgggh
Egg and bacon sand which and 2 rich tea biscuits

I don't normally eat that much by this time of day - I've got my tea to go yet too. Is this really bad?

Thanks in anticipation of your advice.

Re: First day after first fast
18 Jun 2013, 13:34
There are others who have had the same reaction to a fast day. I hope one of them drops in with some advice. In the meantime, don't worry, it is normal for some and I do believe those feelings fade away.
Re: First day after first fast
18 Jun 2013, 13:37
What's done is done - don't worry about it. I'd cut down on my tea a bit though, if you feel you can. You know you can get through a fast day now and it does get easier as your body adjusts to it and I'm sure, given a bit of time, you really won't feel as ravenous the day after a fast. See if you can cut down on what you eat throughout the rest of the day - but it could be a bit late as your 'hunger switch' is now well and truly in the 'On' position!!
But hey ho, not to worry, tomorrow is another day and this is a WOL not a quick fix - so it should all sort itself out evenly for you ... hopefully in the near future :clover:
Re: First day after first fast
18 Jun 2013, 13:42
Thank you - I do feel very disappointed with myself. But you're right and I can try to put the rest of the day isn't, and 'behave' tomorrow.

I thought I had clicked on a thanks button on your post suchard007. But I'm not quite sure if that was what it was once I licked it - I'm new to all this! So if I have put a thumbs down instead of a thumbs up - I'm sorry!

Re: First day after first fast
18 Jun 2013, 19:54
Hmm that doesn't seem like too much to me. A healthy breakfast of shredded wheat, a reasonable lunch of the sandwich and 2 biscuits. Yes, you had 2 time out bars, but this is the whole reason to DO 5:2 in the first place so you can indulge/over-indulge and not have it be the end of the world. Time was I would have eaten that much and more every single day.

Don't beat yourself up about it, at least you ARE doing 5:2 so you have the tools to counteract any over-indulgences.
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