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Added Fructose
31 Mar 2015, 15:46
I nearly missed this. In case some of you have not already picked it up, research published in January from The Mayo Clinic supports Lustig's theory and tells us that not all sugar is equal and that ADDED fructose (eg sucrose and HFCS) is more harmful compared to other carbs. I think we already knew this but it is good to get more data. I looked on the forums to see if someone has already written about it but I can't find it. However if this is 'old' news, maybe moderators can merge the threads. ... 25-6196(15)00040-3/abstract
Re: Added Fructose
31 Mar 2015, 16:18
I've seen things like this before, but personally I think it's *always* a good reminder - especially for people trying to lose weight.
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