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Blood pressure - huge resource
04 Nov 2013, 23:38
As I've just been to the doctor's office to check my blood pressure and got my results (which are good, by the way), here's what I stumbled upon while searching for a blood sugar chart. Basically, you'll find all the info you need in this article (blood pressure chart).
Oh and my advice to you - check your BP regularly, avoid potential problems. Well, your doctor should be measuring your BP every visit anyway (but they usually don't, if you don't ask them).
Thank you for the article tuna85. It's good to get your own blood pressure machine and check your pressure at home, as quite a number of people have 'white coat syndrome' and get high readings in the doctor's office which are not indicative of their true readings. My doctor is very supportive of this because the last thing he wants to do is over prescribe medication you might not need.
In the article that is referred to above, it says that blood pressure gradually rises after the age of 45, and I am now older than that. That might therefore also be a possible reason for my own blood pressure readings being quite high, and why my doctor has said that my blood pressure readings aren't that bad despite the number of systolic blood pressure readings that are above 140. If that is the case, I probably shouldn't feel quite so depressed about that after all.
Beware - while the author's article on blood pressure doesn't seem too bad, there are other articles on the same site (the one about blood glucose as an example) which contain inconsistent information.
While I'm not an expert when it comes to BS I don't see any inconsistent information in that article. You're talking about this article: ... ugar-level ?
Anyway, hope the info helps. Don't kill the messenger :-)
Have a nice day.
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