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Very interesting article - not too long - lots of us are trying to cut down on sugar. ... 00552.html
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Thanks. Interesting read, but I was amazed at how many days her child had off due to illness (15) :confused:
My son and daughter, didn't and never have had that many days off ill between the two of them. So maybe she was getting far too much sugar in the first place,
That was quite interesting, thank you but I would have liked a bit more information such as, weight, sleep patterns and other assorted things, but still eye opening nevertheless.

Ballerina x :heart:
Interesting article. I've cut my sugar intake quite dramatically and now if I have something with a lot of sugar in it I feel really dreadful; headache, nausea etc etc.
Thanks, that is interesting, albeit brief. I gave up sweet things in my late teens as every time I ate say chocolate my heart rate would rocket, I'd have hot sweats and it was most uncomfortable. I felt like I'd been poisoned, so I assumed it was not right for me, perhaps an allergy or just consumed too much sugar. I do eat the very occasional chocolate or slice of desert or cake and enjoy it but I know I have a low sugar threshold that is not to be breached lightly.
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