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Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 18:39
Couldn't find any references to this on the forum. Filmed as a responce to "Supersize me".

It's Pro: Protein, animal fats, fruit and vegetables, cutting out carbs, kids walking to school, playing outside, walking.

It's Anti: Carbohydrates, starch, vegetable oils, kids driven to school in 4 x 4s; couch potatoes, Insulin spikes, metabolic disorder, diabetes, "cholesterol bad" theories, low fat diets, governments pushing commodity foods (sugar, cane syrup,etc), government daily recommendations and necessity to eat starches to hit the 300g (US recommendation for CHOs), vegetarian pressure groups, McGovern & Government.

The Bottom line: He limits carbs to 100g max a day. Lives out of McDonalds and other fast foods on a 2000 cal diet and loses 12lbs in 28 days (and more than is predicted by 'calories in versus calories out' hypothesis.

The post-script study is very interesting but you'll have to watch ;-)

P.S. Whilst watching this film, I consumed, two UniLever Peparamis, 4oz cheddar cheese, and had two coffees with single cream - Way to go!!!
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 18:48
Getting vid unavailable again :( sounds v interesting tho x
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 19:56
I'm sorry, but that sounds like something the marketing minds of McDonalds et al thought up. They have such a massive advertising budget and have no morals or ethics, so I'd be very doubtful about anything they have to say about pretty much anything.
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 20:00
Hi Tracieknits,

Did you watch it?

Apparently a BigMac is 490cals (+ side salad) = 510 cals - What's not to like?
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 20:22
The fact it's McProcessed "food"?

The fact that if you are used to eating real, wholesome food, it tastes disgusting?

Or how about the fact that my mother took my sister and her kids through the McDonalds drive through (something she and I *never* do) - and two MONTHS later found three McDonalds fries under the back seat of her car. She brought them into her office as a curiosity, because they were completely unchanged from the day they were purchased. Isn't food supposed to decompose?

The last time I ate at McDonalds, it was about two years ago. It was a sweltering hot day and I was out with the dog because I didn't want to leave her home alone for too long. My son had a class he was taking and I was stuck in a small town with no options - and I was ravenously hungry. I decided to get a happy meal because there were no options in town that wouldn't have required me to lock my dog in the car in sweltering heat and because my motto is generally everything in moderation isn't going to kill me. Well the burger was nasty. I ate two bites and couldn't finish it. The fries admittedly tasted wonderful at first. But they started to cool down and started to have this weird funky bad taste to them. And I had the most horrendous gas and nasty aftertaste in my mouth for HOURS! I swore that would be the last time I ever ate there!
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 20:47
Hi Tracieknits,

"McProcessed food"

I do agree about the 'Processed' food (with addition of CHOs, etc etc etc), but why 'McDonalds', why not all processed foods e.g Campbells, Heinz, Nestle etc etc etc etc. not just "Fast foods" per se....

Even if you buy organic "wholesome" food: beef, vegetables etc, you don't know what additives have been added (sprayed on, or injected etc etc)....

"they were completely unchanged from the day they were purchased."

A combination of 'preservatives' and was this in the Winter or height of Summer?

Personally, I don't often eat at McDonald's, so I can't blame them for where I am now. I am concerned though by what's put in anything with a "Nutrient Information label" and in particular the Carbs/Sugar levels and government advice backing a low-fat (high carb) diet with apparently no scientific studies to support this stance.
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 20:56
Well I do avoid the vast majority of processed foods. I cook from scratch - I don't use hamburger helper, condensed soups or other processed food substitutes that seem to be the mainstay of the American (and apparently now, British) diet. I am lucky to live in a rural area, near the epicenter of the "slow food" movement in Vermont and have access to meat and vegetables from local farms via my farmer's market and one really amazing family run supermarket. I know in this regard I'm really lucky.

But in any case, I just get my hackles raised when I see anyone suggesting that people can eat a healthy diet from fast food places. Not all calories are created equally, and even if a big mac meal is 518 calories, it doesn't mean it's good calories, the right composition etc etc.

Eta: The fries were in the car during March and April - in a black SUV. So they were exposed to a variety of temperatures because even in April, it can get hot in a black SUV.
Re: Film "Fat Head"
26 Jan 2014, 21:43
Thank you @LastChancefor letting me know about this documentary. It is brilliant and very funny. His goal was to debunk what Morgan Spurlock said and did in his film "Super Size Me" and to present yet another look at how we have ended in this obesity "epidemic" with increased rates of heart disease,hypertension and diabetes since switching to low fat, high carb diets in the late 70's-early 80's.
He does not in any way endorse fast food, fast food restaurants or McDonald's in particular. In the credits he specifically states that McDonald's did not support or fund his film. He is a science writer like Dr.MM (and somewhat looks like him :cool: ) and had problems with the facts and math presented by Spurlock.
As we have seen in other documentaries and papers, he lays the problem of our worsening health on too many sugars and carbs.
The tone of this thread has gone over to suggesting that it is a pro-McDonalds, pro-fast food film. Nothing could be further from the truth. Watch it, people, before you judge! It is very entertaining and echoes what has been cited and reported in this forum.

I guess there is a problem seeing it in the UK, like the problem I often have viewing UK or Aussie film clips on this side of the pond.
Try the Youtube link posted by LastChance or maybe this one
It is really worth your time :like:
Re: Film "Fat Head"
27 Jan 2014, 03:42
Thanks for that. I had a quick peek. I look forward to watching it when I can work out how to watch it without using up all my gigs/download whatever its called. :bugeyes:
Re: Film "Fat Head"
27 Jan 2014, 10:42
@LastChance: Thanks for this, I enjoyed the film and liked the presenter/writer. I just hope it does some good...
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