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According to the British Dietetic Association, the average person will consume 6,000 kcals on Christmas day.

In any case, is it really plausible that in the space of 24 hours people could be digesting the equivalent of 11 McDonald's Big Macs? (THIS ONE, THE ARTICLE WRITER, SAYS IS INCORRECT)

Your chances of gaining weight this Christmas are high. Though you won't gain anywhere near as many pounds as scaremongers would have you believe, it's still worth being cautious since evidence suggests that Christmas weight is particularly hard to lose.
6000 calories!!!! that's scary! thanks for posting this Juliana. Hubby just said, "Let's make sure that we have smaller portions!".
In that case I might need 3 Xmas days to get to my maintenance target :shock:
Its the first Christmas that i am approaching with 5:2 and my weight status in "control" .i think some of the UK people would already have one Christmas under their belt as the BBC program aired Aug 2012 there.

anyway i find i can eat bigger meals with ease now but will stay away from things like Ham. and just eater smaller portions

apart from 1 glass of champers last Thursday have not drunk any wine for about 3 months now but have 2 bottles (given as gifts) to enjoy on the big day.
This will be my second Christmas since starting 5:2 and like last year I will eat only my lunch and as we are going to be at an hotel it will be portion controlled, no second helpings and no leftovers to pick at. I have friends who would be dismayed to hear that they consume a mere 6000 calories on the day as it kicks off with bacon rolls and champagne, mid morning coffee and cakes, then a full Christmas lunch with seconds, afternoon tea with more cakes, supper and a late,anti-night starvation plate of goodies. This does not include the chocolate popping which takes place on a continuous basis from dawn until dusk and then they wonder how they put on weight. Tis a wondrous sight :grin:

Ballerina x :heart:
I'm hoping that not being able to eat a lot of the naughty nibbles I'd usually indulge in over the festive period, due to being diagnosed with coeliacs in October will act as a form of damaged limitation. Having said that wine and champagne are both gluten free so I might need to go back to 5.2 rather than 6.1 for a few weeks in the new year.
If that's the average, then, if I consume a whopping 2000 cals,(I jest not) then there must be folk who eat/imbibe 10,000. Wow. That's impressive. And it was probably me in years gone by. Double wow.
Did anyone see the comment from the chap who thinks fat people should be charged more for seats on planes and how he 'hates having a fat sweating tosser' (or whatever he said next to him on a seat. I bet he's fun to be around on a daily basis. Not!
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