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Hate to Diet ? Thank your brain
01 May 2015, 18:35
Hate to diet or fast - feel hungry when you're not? Thank your brain and take a look at this little article.
For me the article is extended past the breaking point and self-contradicting. The media will have a field day with this one touting it as another reason (actual translation: a rationalizing excuse) that we're not actually in charge of our own food destinies.

A perfect counterpoint of our abilities to override our ancient instincts are the members here that successfully dropped undesirable weight and who managed to keep it off. Hunger is transient. You'll get over it if you just give it a few minutes.

To even briefly feel that you might be a victim of your AGRP/SFO neurons would be to place yourself lower in mental capacities than these laboratory mice, who were satisfied seeing the food but who felt no subsequent drive to actually eat it. Like mirror neurons, the extensions here will be soundly refuted, hopefully sooner than later.
The article makes sense to me, and I think fits in with the Sainsbury-Salis theories around weight management. But although our biochemistry may not be helping us lose weight, it doesn't mean it can't be done. (However, as we well know, the proportion who lose weight and keep it off is very small, whatever your weight loss strategy.)
If you believe you can't, you won't.
Oh, I get that "my brain thinks I'm hungry, but my tummy doesn't" feeling all the time. The key is to not give in to it.
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