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Anyone see this last night? I just caught the end, and saw that the woman done 5:2 had lost quite a bit. ... eight-well

Might see if it's on again or on catch-up.
Hi egduf, i saw the programme and enjoyed it all...
Yes the 5:2 woman did pretty well..if i remember rightly,she lost about one pound per week and it think she said she felt it was a sustainable " diet"
Someone else was doing 14:10 and did ok on that,despite working in catering,so it cd have been tricky for her..similar sort of weight loss i think as the 5:2
The person doing the Beyonce ( water,maple syrup and cayenne pepper) regime cdnt keep it going for more than a few days and her friend was on a fruit and veg fast which she found difficult as she got hungry and bored
I was thinking of @rawkaren as a guy did very well on bulletproof coffee am then nothing solid til after two pm...
I cant remember what the other guinea pigs did..
I'm sure you can get this on catch up,or look out for it being repeated on More4 and / or 47 xx
I watched it as well. This is a very general comment but those that did best were young and were eating a more 'normal' longer term diet, ie. not on a faddy crash diet. One comment that stuck out for the 5:2 was that you have to be strict on a fast day and not allow yourself an extra coffee with milk or a chewing gum and they also told her to eat healthily on non fast days.
The two blokes did the best on their 6 week diet - the one, as mentioned above, drinking a bullet proof coffee and then just eating between 2pm and 8pm, the other on an 'Alkaline' diet ie mostly veggie. Couldn't help but notice that they both had to ditch booze and I reckon that would have made a significant difference to them as they seemed the drinking type - and both 25 years old. They lost more than a stone in six weeks, averaging about 3lbs per week. Interesting programme though.
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