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Found this on body shape and carb tolerance. ... ight-loss/

I'm pear-shaped and it seems to fit me. I still eat a fair amount of carbs bat as long as my total calorie intake is under what I use, I lose weight. My problem is evil brain pixies and binging.
thanks for that, @stormclouds. Here's the actual scientific study, I think:
MaryAnn wrote: thanks for that, @stormclouds. Here's the actual scientific study, I think:

Thanks @MaryAnn. I do prefer scientific studies but got distracted by something. I forget what. It's 4.30am. I really should be asleep!
Like everyone and his cat, I did Atkins. Didn't last more than a couple of months (if that) but the one thing I took away and that has stuck with me is that white sugar = white death. Your body will die without protein, it'll die without fat but you can live on a zero carb diet - though that wouldn't be healthy by any means. The Inuit people, for instance, were forced to subsist on diets composed almost exclusively of meat and fish.

For reference only:

Like I say, it's not really how we're supposed to work, but it drives home the idea that there's no such thing as an essential carbohydrate and that refined carbohydrates are the Devil's work, while simultaneously making life worth living - in moderation.
oh, evil brain pixies and bingeing, how cool! Now that's something really worth studying!! and I'm coming to the conclusion that it's processed anything that's the problem!
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