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I'm counting carbs daily (now that's a real eye opener) with a squint at the cals in passing. I think I've cracked <100g so after today's fast I'm going to try for <70g carb a day. Basically no bread/cakes/biscuits/potatoes/sugar, very much back to basics! 90% choc for a treat, only a couple of squares of course! and organic cheese is rather scrummy.
I've been at this one and a quarter years now, hoping my body is getting the hang of it :0)
This is a good idea Azureblue. I love how you can report on anything in MyFitnessPal. I just looked at my carbs over the last 30 days. On fast days they are very low, but on other days they can get over 200. So, maybe to start slow I will try to keep it under 200!
I think calorie counting can sometimes be a useful tool.

Clearly, I think someone who has a BMI in their low 20s has a better idea of how to eat to their TDEE than someone with a BMI in their 30s or 40s. I spent a few months logging every bite I ate so that I could really understand how many calories I was consuming. It was a wonderful lesson and I have no doubt that when my weight loss is appearing to plateau severely, I will go back to logging and counting. Underestimating our calorie consumption is an easy and dangerous habit!

I don't think calorie counting is the be-all, end-all. But it can help you learn how to eat the right amount of food for your weight.
Thanks PennyForthem. It is interesting! I do try to eat whole grains, but I guess I need to work on cutting back. I do think fasting is helping, since I'm good on those days! It is not an easy thing for me, but I will work on it!
I have kept a food diary since January and it keeps me on the 'straight and narrow' most of the time. It also makes me very aware of what makes me fat....the minute I eat refined carbs and starchy veg on go the pounds! I counted calories to begin with, but now I am fairly aware of how many cals there are in what I eat, so it's no longer a chore. It might be a necessary evil to begin with and also to weigh your food on fast days: that was a real surprise for me.
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