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Losing Weight Gradually
08 Oct 2015, 05:10
When I decided to loss weight, I decided not doing it fast. I believe gradual changes is fine to me. I never imagined within 12-weeks of my weight loss program I loss 45 lbs. When everything is right, everything is possible. Losing weight is hard, I commit to it and understand the whole weight loss program. Discipline in losing weight is needed.
Re: Losing Weight Gradually
09 Oct 2015, 08:40
Thats an astonishing result Camille! You must be feeling wonderful! X
Re: Losing Weight Gradually
09 Oct 2015, 13:29
Well done, which method did you use?
Re: Losing Weight Gradually
10 Oct 2015, 17:07
bearondiet wrote: For maintaining weight, I'm probably going to do that. EDITED TO REMOVE DANGEROUS EXTENDED FASTING PLAN.

While intermittent fasting is great, I don't think it's good to starve yourself so much. That 1kg was just water weight. Your body needs nutrients. If you do this so often, your body is going to go into starvation mode and hang onto whatever fat you have on you and you won't lost any weight.
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