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An article about tonight's Trust Me I'm a Doctor appeared in the Features section of my BBC NEWS App this morning. The subjects who ate breakfast later and finished dinner earlier lost more fat and had better blood readings than the control group.

BBC 2, 8.00 pm.
Thanks for sharing! I found the article :
:fat: :like:
I hope to be watching, post grandchildren with one eye shut, as I 16:8/17:7/18:6 frequently.
Noon to 8pm seems my easiest choice, 1pm to 7pm when I'm being properly good :0)
Great read! Thanks for sharing. :grin: I liked the information about how our bodies store sugar and fat at night. I'm thinking differently about my dinner choices for sure!
I read it this morning. I've just started 16:8 and it seems to fit perfectly with the new findings. I'm finding 16:8 a LOT easier than I did 5:2, and I've lost 400 grams already (in 4 days)!
It's funny, but if someone was new, they might not understand the title and think that you meant literally "eating windows"!!
cblasz wrote: It's funny, but if someone was new, they might not understand the title and think that you meant literally "eating windows"!!

Probably OK as long as you don't do it too near bedtime.
or before going to swim :wink:
Mmmmm I like a nice double pane for breakfast
Certainly was a good piece and as usual I was happy that I've ditched the breakfast permanently and try to have dinner before 6.30 weekdays and 8 at the weekend. Like everything on this series of programmes there is still much to learn and loads of stuff we have already established here (on this forum) over the years
Hey @Manderley, thanks for the Bowie tribute! :lol:

Huh...this seems to contradict some other studies that claimed it didn't matter when you ate. Sigh...I'm so tired of contradictory studies. I just know I do need to eat later than most; for one, with a mild case of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (aka night owl; can't sleep before midnight, often before 2-3am), I can't eat at 6pm and not eat again before bed, I wouldn't be able to sleep at all! What I'd like to know is what can I eat later (say 10pmish) that won't cause a problem...heh, probable answer is broccoli...why does that not sound good at that time of day? :cry: I suppose it's easier to say what NOT to eat late--high sugar, high fat...all the things you want to have then. Oh my... :razz: Maybe one of Tracieknit's protein shakes?
Thank you for the link to the article. It really made me rethink the 16:8 thing. When I tried it before, I overthought everything too much and was too rigid. :geek: The whole idea of just delaying breakfast a couple of hours and eating dinner a couple of hours early plus having a more flexible window makes it seem so much more doable! So I am doing just that today, a non-fast day for me. I had my first food at about 10am--some peanuts at bowling, then 1/3 apple, some brie and crackers at about 1:00 pm, some "Drunch" (dinner/lunch) at about 4:00 and nothing since. It is now almost 10pm and, although I'm hungry and would love to eat something, it's no big deal. I'll live. :wink: Tomorrow is a fast day, so I'll try to keep a similar window. Because one of the reasons I started 5:2 was to stop incipient Type 2 diabetes in its tracks, this seems like a worthwhile refinement and one that might help make maintenance easier. So, we'll see how it goes. :smile:
Exciting to see articles like this being written. Interesting about what happens when you eat fatty food late at night
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