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Showing now on BBC 2 MM Horizon
Michael Mosley puts himself through a battery of health tests available to people who feel perfectly well. From an expensive heart scan to a new national screening procedure to detect the earliest signs of bowel cancer, Mosley sets out to discover which if any of the tests are worth doing. The programme touches on breast, prostrate and dementia screening and the pros and cons and how people feel about screening.
Sounds good Liz!
Will tryto see it on catch up
Are you on holiday now Liz? X
I have just watched this and found it very interesting. I don't think MM was very happy with his results. I was also interested on the Mammogram piece. I have heard conflicting reports on mammograms, over diagnosis etc. Are they over diagnosing wrongly or is it a screening that is safe and reassuring? It seems all very confusing but when you here a professor saying she would never have one it does make you think!
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