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The Best Protein to Eat !
31 Jul 2015, 16:45
What do you all think about this ? - - or do I really want to know. I enjoy all these foods !!
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
31 Jul 2015, 20:48
No new information there in my opinion.

Vegans won't like it though!
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
01 Aug 2015, 07:40
I agree nothing new, but I am veggie. Lots of eggs and cheese and quorn when I can get it. Never felt I was missing much.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
01 Aug 2015, 08:26
I do pretty well in regard to eating the range suggested but must add cottage cheese to the shopping list! Quinoa is pretty expensive tho, isn't it? Haven't even heard of the other grains mentioned. Better Google to find out how to prepare them. :)
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
01 Aug 2015, 09:10
How timely @lovemyparrot as I have just decided to up my protein and down my fats for a while to shift some sneaky bulk that has recently adhered to me :0)
I've just read up on daily protein amounts and it seems 1g per your weight in kilos is a good place to start, meaning 76g a day for me going up to 100g now and then but not less than 60g daily.
The list in your article was a good reminder of what had what amounts, so thank you.
I'm keeping to 1300-1400 calories daily for a while, keeping a myfitnesspal log will keep me honest too.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
01 Aug 2015, 22:36
Plenty of good suggestions in the article. Certainly for me, eggs and tuna are 5:2 fasting day staples.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
02 Aug 2015, 00:47
@Sassy1, I use bulgur wheat to make tabouli (sp). You can find it in regular grocery stores in the UK.

It's good to be reminded how good cottage cheese is! Luckily I love it.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
02 Aug 2015, 09:23
Thanks @MaryAnn! :) I will have a look in our stores. And check recipes.

I too love cottage cheese. :) I do remember a thread on this, and noted that members either loved it or hated it!! :grin:
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
02 Aug 2015, 19:40
You reminded me about cottage cheese so I had some with chives today. Delicious, also mixed with tuna is yummy :0)
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 06:32
I like cottage cheese from time to time, but the phrase that always comes into my head is "methadone for slimmers". Can't remember where I came across this, it was more than 30 years ago.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 08:49
I keep coming across whey isolate for a protein boost. Do I need this?
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 15:02
There's quite a bit on No Meat Athlete about protein for vegetarians and vegans, if anyone needs any more information on sources:
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 15:39
Ooh, I'm in the "hate cottage cheese" camp; I even dislike ricotta because it's similar. As a veggie, I do have "faux" meat--they are making some good ones now--but for a balance of satiating/yummy/not too high calories, I love eggs. A fave "snack" for light days is a hardboiled or poached egg. Cheese is great, but not really good for light days, too calorie-dense.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 15:59
Both bulgar and freekah are easy to get and cheap here so I shall definitely be adding them to my repertoire more often, so thank you for the article! I do use whey isolate but that is more for me at work so I don't have to think too much about what to eat as I am so busy.
Re: The Best Protein to Eat !
03 Aug 2015, 18:40
This seems interesting ...

BMI and Women over 60
Certain studies have suggested that in case of women over 60, the BMI may not indicate the ideal weight. A BMI of 26 would still put older women in the healthy range, whereas for younger women it would mean they are overweight. A BMI range of 25 to 27 is considered to be normal for older women according to the American National Institutes of Health. The following gives an estimation of the ideal weight based on their height for women over 60.
Ideal Weight for Women over 60
Height (Feet) Weight (Pounds)
5'0'' 128 - 142
5'1'' 132 - 147
5'2'' 136 - 151
5'3'' 141 - 157
5'4'' 145 - 162
5'5'' 150 - 167
5'6'' 155 - 172
5'7'' 159 - 177
5'8'' 164 - 183
5'9'' 169 - 188
5'10'' 174 - 194
5'11'' 179 - 199
6'0'' 184 - 205
which puts me, at 5'7" and 166lbs, perfectly ok :0)
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