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This popped up in my LinkedIn stories, no mention of 5:2, but I do wonder if it has something to do with the lack of growth in this industry:

"More than three-quarters of dieters are looking for a do-it-yourself, low-priced diet program, its report shows."

I know of one :grin:
One of the reasons I chose to try this as well - free is so much better than fees! :wink:
LOL, the diet industry won't be getting a penny from me this year, so glad to have found 5:2 after pretty much 5 years of paying WW!
I think people are starting to realise that a lot of the diet industry is fuelled purely to make $$$ and the welfare of the dieters is secondary. (I am not saying that every diet is like that).

Methinks that people are getting sick (both literally and figuratively) with the roller coaster ride that the diet industry had(!) us on and if the diet industry isn't going to help us well we just have to help ourselves.

The greed (of some) is just starting to catch up with them and bite them in the bottom (line).
Ain't that the truth! Look out for more diet guru millionaires slamming fasting as a quick route to anorexia. We've already had it here with Michelle Bridges who has made heaps out of 12 week programs that most of us can't stick to. Personally it is saving us quite a bit!!
Very happy that no one is getting my money this year, and I'm saving loads too. :like:
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