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The Complete Fasting Guide To Miraculous Health And Well-Being - How to Be Thinner, Happier And More EnergeticThrough Healthy Fasting
by Jillian Bradley

Amazon description:
Fad diets don’t work. Do you want to play at weight loss, or take control and lose weight?

I’m not going to kid you. Weight loss for most people is hard. Duh! Take a look around at our obese society. They’re everywhere. At every economic and social level. In every ethnic group and color. In every religion and at every age. We are one, big nation of fat-bodies.

And lay-zee… Why are we so fat? Because it’s too hard to push ourselves away from that fast-food table and too hard to get up and do something physical. So we go on that fad diet we heard about on TV. You know, the one that’s got all of Hollywood talking. And guess what. It doesn’t work either.


Because no one wants to put forth the effort it takes to actually lose weight. Read that again - because no one wants to put forth the effort it takes to actually lose weight. Did you get that? And it’s really ironic, as well, because there are only two rules to weight loss: (1) eat less and (2) exercise more. Why do we have to make it so hard? Eat less and exercise more!

How many of these ‘fad’ diets have you tried?
    Low-carb diet
    Acai berry diet
    Negative calorie diet
    Apple cider vinegar diet
    Low-fat diet
    Grapefruit diet
    Macrobiotic diet
    All meat diet
    Cabbage soup diet

How many have worked? The truth about virtually all of the fad diets is they don’t help to lose weight and keep the weight off. I mean think about it: if a fad diet really worked, everyone would be on it and stay on it.

The only way to effectively lose weight is to take in fewer calories then you are expending during the day. But no one wants to hear that. Why? Because (1) we love to eat (2) we hate to exercise and (3) we lack the self-discipline to change to a healthier life style.

If you’re not serious about weight-loss and a lifetime of self-control over your health and well being, then this book will not benefit you one bit. But if you do want to lose weight, change your eating and exercise habits in a way that has been proven by millions of people the world over and for over 7,000 years, then The Complete Fasting Guide To Miraculous Health And Well-Being will start you on a journey that will change you forever.

Fasting is an institution as old as Adam. Plato, the Greek philosopher of the 5th century B.C. said, "I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."

Are you overweight, in need of dramatically losing a few (or several) pounds of unwanted fat without all the hype of fad dieting? Are your thoughts clouded and dull? Is your memory slow and fading? Is your spirit tired, emotionally drained and stressed? Has the skip gone out of your step? Are you plagued by numbing, poor health that you just can’t put your finger on? Or have you just lost your overall sense of well being?

Then fast.

I imagine at this point you must be thinking, “But how do I fast?” “Is fasting safe?” “What are the benefits of fasting, and what are the concerns?” If you answered, “yes” to any one of the issues above, and have these same questions or more about fasting, then is the book that will answer all of your questions.

Inside this book you will find information on:
    1) What exactly is fasting?
    2) Fasting and your health
    3) Fasting for weight loss
    4) Benefits of fasting
    5) Fasting tips
    6) Fasting with only water
    7) Juice fasting
    8) Various fasting durations
    9) Fasting safely
    10) Who can fast and who shouldn’t
    11) Fasting for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health
    12) And more!

Whether you are an experienced faster or are completely new and seriously committed to the dramatic benefits you will experience by fasting, this book will enlighten, entertain and educate you throughout your entire adventure.

There’s an old adage, “food is life.” Well, if food is life, then fasting is “life on steroids!”

Disclaimer: Please note I have no link with either Amazon, the book or the author.
Am I a nasty person ? I've downloaded two of these so far and they don't compare at all well with Dr. Mosley's so I can't help giving poor reviews. They seem to me to be largley rip-offs. I will try and read this one and that will be the last, lest these authors hunt me down. (But thanks for letting us know Keihira.)
They're usually written by someone who either wants to share "why and how" they've accomplished whatever they've written about, or by someone who wants to jump on the 5:2 bandwagon.

I don't have any expectations, which makes it easier to forget them if they're of no interest to me.

Having said that, I have found a few little gems...
I've tried to get this free book but it doesnt want to play ball.
I did like the beginning. First time I've seen in writing a description of how hard it is to change eating habits. Takes about 66 days apparently but I took much longer than that weaning myself off sugar in coffee. It took me years to get from 2 teaspoons to zero.
However I wasn't comfortable with mention of fasting for long periods (not mentionable here). I didn't finish it after it promised Detox benefits without any back up references, and when I checked on Wikipedia it confirmed that on the whole scientists don't think it's real. If I had "poisonous toxins" in my fat cells I'd want them to stay there not release them by fasting.
colkerr wrote: ... I checked on Wikipedia...

Putting aside the specific topic discussed here, I trust you are aware that Wikipedia articles are written by everyday people who do not necessarily have any qualifications beyond enthusiasm in whatever they're writing about... :smile:
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