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For years, dieters have lived by the 'golden rule' of weight loss: that eating around 3,500 fewer calories will burn a pound of fat.
Roughly equating to around 500 fewer calories a day, it is seen as a tough but manageable rule.
But now, a leading expert claims this rule is incorrect and people need to eat even less if they want a slimmer waistline.
Dr Kevin Hall is a mathematician at the National Institutes of Health, whose lab runs experiments on the effects of different diets on the body's metabolism.
He specialises in creating mathematical models for weight loss.
He told Runner's World the 3,500-calorie rule is accurate only if a pound of human fat is burned in a lab.

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I haven't read the article yet, but I believe that when I was losing weight initially on 5:2 that the 3500 cal deficit = 1 lb fat did seem to apply to me.

But I do believe that the body processes different types of food with differing efficiency. I eat a lot of veggies and think that the calories extracted from veggies are less than the theoretical calorific value, whereas I think fats are converted very efficiently! Based on my sample of one!!!
Or this, which is why I pay no attention to calories.
I' ve been eating roughly 700 cals per day under my TDEE over the last seven weeks and have lost just over a stone in that time
If the 7000 cals = a pound of fat equation was correct, i should have lost a pound every ten days? Therefore should only have lost 5 lbs in seven weeks ( roughly 50 days) Shaky on maths so not sure if ive reckoned that up right..but if i did,the other 10 lbive lost should have come from exercise andi am pretty sedentary due to por its unlikely that i have..
I think its best to just not think too much and just assume that if you eat less you' ll lose something and that something will be dependent on many complex factors x
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