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The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 01:45 ... ealth&_r=0

The article (and study) is on children, but I wonder if it applies to dieters as well.

Pubmed abstract:
Article in journal: ... 6313004145

My mom was definitely a restrictor. Mostly she was worried about our teeth.
Re: The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 01:59
love it, @MaryAnn, some sanity prevails!
Re: The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 02:16
Interesting!! I can certainly see where my cravings spring from!!

Maybe why that is the lure of 5:2, nothing is forbidden which, eventally, will curb the craving!
Re: The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 03:14
I'm sure that's why I can do 5:2. As soon as a food is forbidden, that's what I want to eat.
Re: The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 04:15
This article really hit home for me. I grew up in an extremely food restrictive home, because I was the chubby one and my brothers were all skinny, so they could have cookies while I was not allowed to because I was too fat. Also, my mother was CONSTANTLY on a diet (& never successful losing or keeping weight off). I totally see how I ended up with the food behaviors that I am currently learning to break through 5:2. When Judith Matz refers to a Diet Survivor, I can completely identify! No wonder I majored in Dietetics in college & raised my kids so differently than I grew up. Thanks for sharing.
Re: The Lure of Forbidden Food
22 Apr 2014, 06:35
Very interesting article, thanks!

My mum also restriced a lot for the brother closest in age and me, mostly worried about teeth too, but my younger two brother and sister didn't get much restriction (I think she had given up by then, and with two teenagers in the house there was going to be unhealthy food!) It's interesting to see how different we are, my brother and I both are drawn to 'treat' foods and find it hard to control ourselves, while my two younger siblings like a treat but do things like put chocolate away and forget about it after eating a square.
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