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How do you split up your calories on a fasting day?

Poll ended at 19 Sep 2014, 12:10

I do a total fast, no calories
1 meal
2 meals
3 meals
I graze all day
No votes
None of the above (feel free to elaborate in a reply)
Total votes : 101

In a bid to learn a bit more about our community's fasting habits, motivations and other interesting foody/fasting stuff we're going to be running a poll each week and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to cast your vote on the matter!

For our first poll, we are asking:

How do you split up your calories on a fasting day?

Over to you!
For more than a year I just had one meal, but now that I've started exercising on a fast day, I sometimes have half a banana before I go out. But I've ticked the one meal a day vote!
Edit: forgot...sometimes have miso soup at lunch time if I'm cold.
I started out with 3 meals 17 months ago, then went to 1 meal for most of the last year. In the last month I realized that I can have lunch too without waking the ' hungry monster' if I want to so now I have 2 meals.( and the weight has started shifting again).yay!
I ticked three meals. I need caffeine in the morning, but my stomach can't handle the acid in coffee without some accompanying food. So I have 1/4 c low-fat cottage cheese and coffee w/ 10 calories worth (7.5 ml) of half and half for breakfast. Then a small meal of 70 calories of proteins plus another coffee plus a veggie of some sort. That still leaves about 300 calories for a good-sized meal of scrambled eggs (flavored with small amount of cheese or bacon) and a veg.

I don't waste any of my calories on bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Eating three meals is satisfying to me. Sipping fizzy water during the evening keeps my stomach feeling full.
I have an evening meal only. I also do not have any bread, pasta, rice nor potatoes. Waste of calories. If I need anything at lunchtime, which I hardly ever do, I find that Bovril hits the spot. I have recently found packs of itsu seaweed. 22 calories a pack. The wasabi flavoured one is the nicest and that really hits the spot too. Good and salty
I ticked none of the above because what I am doing now does not reflect what I have done for most of the time.

I lost most of my weight on 3 meals a day when fasting, only moved to one meal a day when I found this forum and read that that is what others do. But as of this week, I have done basically a liquid fast. Only done 2, and the last one I did have a small amount of "solids", and I coped and these seem to have worked very well. So will continue with these for the next little while, if I can!
I ticked three meals. But breakfast and lunch are very low calorie meals, salad veggies and homemade veggie soup with nothing but veg and water. Dinner is where most of my calories are spent.
I answered none of the above because I usually have a snack towards mid or late afternoon (like a piece of fruit or a couple of rice cakes with hummus so not what I'd call a meal) and then a 'proper' meal in the evening. I did do full fasts for most of the time I've been fasting and have only started eating a snack in the last month or so as some changes my end mean I can't eat until after 8pm so I find it easier if I have a snack now.
Ive ticked one meal but i also have a cuppasoup late afternoon and two small cups of tea with trickle of milk,so am not sure if ive ticked wrongly! :confused:
I picked two meals, but they aren't equal meals any more. Mostly now it's a 100 cal snack early afternoon (I need something by then since I've usually been up around 5am) and then the rest for dinner.

Given a choice though (if I was living alone) I'd probably have just one meal at either breakfast or lunch (call it brunch!)
I ticked 'none of the above', because sometimes I have a Bovril late afternoon. Also, I usually have an evening meal (300-350cals) with my husband, but then later on, I have a coffee made with all milk (140cals), so wasn't sure if this counted as one meal or two!
I ticked none of above because I now do the Krista Varady version. 1 snack of 100 cals and 1 meal at lunch. But I do have coffees during the day with a bit of milk, so do 100 cals on that.
I have one meal at night, but I break it into three courses which I cook one after the other, which can take up to 45 minutes. It feels like a lot of food because I string out the time like that, even though it is under 450 calories.
One meal for me in two courses. I tried a cuppa soup mid afternoon last fast day but I think that just made me hungrier. So it's back to tea coffee and water until dinner time.
When I started fasting 10 months ago, I used to split my allowance over lunch & dinner. I was totally convinced that a gnawing hunger would ramp up and up through the day and it would be unbearable......

Wrong! There came a point one day when I was away from home & couldn't have my lunchtime soup. Panic panic & plenty of water drinking went on.....if only I could last til I got home at 3pm! 4pm, 5pm came & went...and I didn't feel hungry - so I just had my dinner later on....& saved the lunchtime calories altogether. This is pretty much my norm now, plus I tend to 16:8 most of the week.

I suppose it all boils down to: you never know what you can do until you try it! A
lot of my mindless eating is habit, so it is great to actually listen to my body and feed it more reasonably...most of the time....

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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