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Do you exercise?

Poll ended at 14 Nov 2014, 17:57

Yes, I started before I began fasting
Yes, since starting fasting
Not yet, but I want to start
No, I hate exercise!
No (other, eg medical reasons, don't have time)
Total votes : 113

:lol: :lol: :lol: I can just imagine cows cowering in the corner of the field!
Well, do you remember that YouTube video a while ago that had a man chasing his labrador who was chasing some deer? Well Minnie did that EXACT same thing in Richmond Park. She was so tiny then...and yet she herded deer! It was a worrying moment believe me! :bugeyes: :confused:
I exercise a little. I'd like to exercise more, if I had the time. I am on my feet all day as a teacher and again on Sat. as a college instructor! When I have time I walk/run. I'd like to start swimming. I hate going to a gym, but enjoy any type of outdoor exercise. I do plan to try to increase my exercise.
I voted NO, if I chose the first option it would give the impression that I do proper exercise to keep fit, it wouldn't be correct although I've been walking the dog for years but mostly short walks and not really for 'exercise'. I'm afraid 5:2 hasn't made any difference in that sense, a painful back and shoulder stops me from doing the most gentle exercise.
I walk the dogs everyday- I call them my exercise machines as I have to do it regardless of how much or little I want to . I also try and do my 10,000 steps a day.
For me exercise is all about being outdoors in the fresh air, preferably with sunshine and without strong wind. This means the amount I do is governed by the weather, do not like wet winters! Either hours and hours walking up hill and down dale (summer) or 5 - 10 mile jog/walks (winter) or bike rides. Occasional muscle-building with resistance bands. Tried HIIT and hated it, but I can't get into most workout DVDs either.
I voted, not yet but want to start. As I don't have a car I walk everywhere. I'm inspired by the walkers tent to get out there for pleasure and thanks to Sallyo I bought a fitbit. I have advanced arthritis in one knee so mindful I could cause further injury. I do 'dead fly' exercises and strengthening exercises provided by my chiropractor but really need to take up pilates, yoga, swimming etc, (which was the plan when I started 5:2) even more reason to exercise is a full on job (I'm brain over exercised!), working too many hours ... etc 2014 was lose weight, 2015 is up the exercise! I'm on it @nursebean
I used to do a bit of jogging/brisk walking - that was it. Last November I began weight-bearing exercises, just by googling 'Home-based exercises' (I have no use for a gym!). I couldn't do press-ups or pull-ups - now I do 80 weighted (8kg) press-ups (4x20) and 5 pull-ups every other day. I had a 3kg kettlebell for Xmas - now I swing a 9kg one around. And I do 4 sets of HIIT several times a week.

For the first time in my life I've developed muscles - and I'm in my late 70s! It's most pleasing to me that I can now toss my heavy, cast-iron frying pan!

I always thought that you had a set of exercises that you did every day (not that I did any) and that was it. Now I realise that you have to keep challenging yourself to do more.

My inspiration is a woman who calls herself 'GymBoffin', who's a bit of an IF guru on Mumsnet:

Meant to add - @Lizbean, sorry about your arthritis. However, there is evidence that a plant-based diet can help:

Certainly seems to have mitigated my arthritis - in my knuckles!
I haven't voted yet because I'm failing to distinguish exercise and 'active lifestyle'. During the season, I paddle as frequently as I can (usually, 3-4 times a week but more if I can) - during the off-season, this reduces to 1 outdoor paddle and 1 indoor paddle (swimming pool). I can't imagine my life without being on the water so this doesn't feel like exercise.

I don't walk for exercise but it's not unusual for me to walk up to 5 miles a day in the course of my commuting and other activities.

I strength train as part of my strategy to keep my muscle mass and maintain its quality (I always did some strength training but not for this reason).

So, I've now shared some of my confusion around the notion of what counts as exercise rather than activity that is part of the day-to-day. It's not easy to even attempt a definition based on intensity.
I used to do all sorts of exercise in fits and starts before my twins were born but it has become rather more difficult since. I find buggy walking rather boring now as I have done so much of it and repeated the same walks for the last couple of years and I can't seem to go very far with the buggy ie 5/6 miles. I live in the countryside. Sounds like I'm making excuses! I used to do lots of walking and have recommitted myself to taking the dog for a 5/6 mile walk at the weekends. I find by setting minimum standards, I am more likely to keep them up. ie. I must get the dog out for a good walk at least once at the weekend. I went through a phase this Summer when I went out for a run/cycle every night regardless at 7pm but its not possible in the winter and puts a lot of pressure on my husband to clean up and cook. I just keep looking for opportunities that fit my current life!!!! I DO feel SO much better when I do exercise. :grin:
I go to the gym on Mondays and Thursday, my fast days. I'm currently running 4k on the treadmill, doing short bursts of high intensity and longer sections of slower jogging, sometimes a minute of walking after a fast section. I've had to build up to this, it's taken a while. And some days if I'm feeling weedy I don't push it. I do some strength training but I'm recovering from a frozen shoulder so building it up slowly. I do a lot of stretching to finish.

The background to this is that I used to be an exercise teacher, during the aerobics boom, teaching up to 15 classes a week plus personal training. That was in my 20s and 30s. So I have a history of fitness discipline and a fair amount of knowledge of general fitness principles and my own body. But the decade from 40 to 50 my lifestyle changed a lot, I fell in love (!) got married, changed job and became very sedentary. As a result I've had to work hard to get back into any sort of shape.

Sadly I don't think I'll ever be as fit or as flexible as I was in my thirties, but I'm striving to be as fit as I can be for my age, within reason, on a couple of exercise sessions a week. It has definitely been complementary to following the 5:2. As I've lost fat I've gained suppleness and stamina. I know there's a school of thought that says if you exercise you lose weight more slowly, but I know my body composition is changing for the better and that trounces anything the scales can tell me.
nursebean wrote: Well, do you remember that YouTube video a while ago that had a man chasing his labrador who was chasing some deer? Well Minnie did that EXACT same thing in Richmond Park. She was so tiny then...and yet she herded deer! It was a worrying moment believe me! :bugeyes: :confused:

For@nursebean and @coffeetime ...and anyone else who wants a giggle
Shouldnt laugh but its hard not to!
I have always done weight training and aerobics, do acrobatics 2 x a week and one open ballet class once week. I have started walking 2-3 times a week with a neighbour about 10kms. I do the exercise to be toned and fit but I know for sure that abs are definitely made in the kitchen...
Exercise has always been a part of any weight loss program I have tried. Though this forum I was introduced to Parkrun and for a period was running 5km about 3 times a week. Following a minor niggling injury I have found it hard to get back into running until last week when @KataMac posted a link in the Fitbit chat about running a mile a day. And I have run my mile every day since. :grin:
Since my OH retired last year we have started walking between 5 and 8 miles at least 4 times a week, which we both enjoy and feeds my Fitbit addiction.
About a year ago when it hit me how overweight and unfit I was I started walking every morning, always including a good steep hill. I got a Fit it...and knowing that a friend can read your number of steps on My Fitness Pal app certainly spurs me on !
I also started Pilates once a week... Great for strengthening the core muscles and stretching. I can now do the Plank for 3 minutes....a major leap forward for a previously very very unfit lady. I'll be 70 next aim to keep going as long as the ageing body stays all together !
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