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If you've been a faster over the festive season before, did you lose, maintain or gain weight?

Poll ended at 05 Dec 2014, 17:27

Lost (just a little)
Gained (just a little)
I've not had a festive season as a faster
Total votes : 67

In a bid to learn a bit more about our community's fasting habits, motivations and other interesting foodie/fasting stuff we're going to be running a poll each week and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to cast your vote on the matter!

For this week's poll, we are asking:

If you've been a faster over the festive season before, did you lose, maintain or gain weight?
It would be great to know how you've got on over the festive season while you've been a faster, even if you chose not to fast over the holidays themselves (you may have eaten more mindfully, had a smaller appetite or skipped meals instead, thanks to what you've learned from fasting).

Do bear in mind that most people apparently gain a staggering 7-10lbs over the holidays, so anything less than this should be classed as success in my book ;)

Feel free to reply to explain your answer further, or if none of the answers are close enough for you.

Over to you!
I had to check my tracker for the answer and I'm pleased to say that I kept within a pound or two of my goal weight the whole time. :grin: I hope to do as well this year.
I lost a few lb over last xmas as at the time was going great guns with 5:2
Ate what i wanted but didnt seem to want a great deal! Has some goodies tho and a delicious xmas eve & xmas day dindins
(Pity that feeling didnt extend into the New Year! :confused: :lol: xx)
I've lost when in weight loss mode and maintained when in maintenance mode so couldn't tick any of the above :)

This is my 4th Winter/Festive Season as a faster.
None of the above. I stopped weighing just before Christmas and didn't weigh again until I'd put in some fasts in January.
I had to check my tracker too and I gained 4 lbs. but then lost 2 of those pretty quickly in January. so I chose just a little.
Checking my Tracker, I lost 2 lbs between 23 and 30 December, which was my first week on Fast-5 after doing 5:2 for 4 months. However we are very quiet over Christmas and I dislike traditional Christmas food - mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding - dried fruit in fact - so it is not a challenging time for me foodwise!
I reached my goal just before Christmas (17th December), and stopped weighting myself at the same time. In the beggining of 2014 I had lost enough to be considered underweight. FYI, at 48 kgs I have a 18.44 BMI so underweight and at 49 kgs I have 18.82 BMI so a normal weight :bugeyes:

I did the same thing I'll do this year, 2 fasts a week, only did one big meal, on Christmas Day (I fasted on Christmas eve and New Year's eve), eat a bit of everything, especially mince pies a weakness of mine :wink: , but in small proportion, only had 2 glasses of wine during the day, never take something twice . Also I didn't buy chocolates but instead made truffles big big difference
I've done 2 Christmases since starting 5:2. The first time I had been fasting for 6 weeks. On 24th December I had a loss of 2lb which took my average weekly loss to 1lb a week . By 31st December I had put on 3 lbs. I got back to my pre Christmas weight by 21st January and started losing again from then.
Not quite the same the second year. Again on the weigh in before Christmas I had a loss of 1.5 lb ( quite exceptional for me by then). I put on 3lbs in the Christmas week again but this time I didn't get back to my pre christmas weight till 3rd February and didn't start losing again till 2nd March.
Must do better this year!

Edited to say I have just remembered that we had a 5 day break in Iceland in the middle of February so the delay to resumed weight loss was not all down to Christmas
This will be my second 5:2 Christmas. Last year I lost a whole 300 grams over a festive fortnight that was spent away from home and with many, many family gatherings complete with tables groaning with food and drink: I just continued with my usual two days' fasting a week, and didn't beat myself up if I hadn't been quite as rigorous as usual. After 18 months of 5:2, 19 kilograms lost, and a completely different relationship with food, I'm happy to accept that there will be weeks when nothing budges, and that Christmas actually only comes but once a year! Enjoy yourself!
I voted that I maintained. It really depends how you look at it. I actually gained 2kg but lost them within 2 days by being careful, so I don't think that really counts.
I know that ANY time we feast (going out for dinner, or having friends around) then I ALWAYS have a temporary weight gain, but that's all it is, temporary. A quick 16:8 & I'm immediately back on track.
Maintenance for 15 months now :)
dewetha wrote: After 18 months of 5:2, 19 kilograms lost, and a completely different relationship with food, I'm happy to accept that there will be weeks when nothing budges

Hello @dewetha, congratulations on such a successful 18 months and the new relationship with food. I look forward to learning more about you and your goals in your introduction.
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